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Characters: Lucius Malfoy, Derek Jugson and Avery [NPC].
Setting: A muggle graveyard, midnight
Summary: After passing his first task months ago, Derek completes the second task given to him by the Deatheaters, and returns to the meeting place for a surprise last task at Lucius' hands.
Rating: 15-ish

Derek slicked back his damp and now sweaty hair. Exiting the grounds of the old fairground he'd floo'ed to under strict instruction he left the allocated 'visitor' abandoned. Letting out a triumphant cry into the still night air, he knew his future master would be pleased. He ran through an empty road coming to the back of an old gothic style church and clambered over the old irons gates into the cemetery. There was a spell on the place so no muggles knew the wizard church was there. Wiping his hands on his trousers he peered around the graveyard out of the hood of his cloak. Waiting for one of the Deatheaters to appear as planned. He didn't know who it was meeting him there and he didn't mind as long as they saw he had completed the task. There were shadows everywhere, moving and slanting while he walked. Derek thought he saw someone but on closer inspection it turned out to be an old cross. He passed by more headstones until one of them caught his attention. The space in front of it was dug out and whatever was in there had been removed, and recently too. Possibly even that night. He would have walked by and given it no more thought but something about it made him stop deathly still. Kneeling down so he wouldn't fall in the pit, he swept his hand across the stone and pushed away the moss. The name 'Thomas Simonides.' was printed onto the stone. "Shit." Derek looked at the pit, then back to the stone. "It can't be. Shit, there's no way..."

Avery stood next to the church, concealed in the shadows; the figure of Lucius by his side. When they saw the figure stand still, then kneel, they gave each other miffed looks. They began walking amongst the headstones to meet him. Lucius had his hands out, sliding his cold fingers over each stone, some cracking under his touch. They both knew that Derek Jugson had completed the task assigned to him; they had heard the chosen guest screaming from the fairground park, or not so much heard as they had felt it. There was a sharp chill in the air, and the muffled screams cut through it like a knife, even if they weren't heard by any other muggle. Lucius smirked and turned slowly when Derek hadn't even seen him yet. He ushered Avery to stand back while the Malfoy took charge as he'd been permitted to do. "You've done well, Derek."

Derek stood and spun around to face him. He was surprised to see Lucius there, because Lucius hadn't made any mention of taking part in this when they talked about it before. A last confused look was given to the name on the cross then he turned to Lucius. He smiled calmly. Tonight hadn't been nearly as taxing as his last task. He'd killed a muggle before in the warehouse raid with Lucius, so what he'd done tonight paled in comparison. "Thank you."

Lucius smirked in return. This was a good night for him, it was the first time that he'd been allowed to take charge in a task alone, and he enjoyed the responsibility. He knew that Derek would soon be initiated into the circle, he was sure of it. The Dark Lord would personally see that he received the mark; he always did for each new follower, but the tasks were something he trusted to his most esteemed followers, Avery being one of them. No one so young was normally allowed to look after the tasks, but the Lord had heard from Mr. Malfoy that Lucius was particularly keen to conduct this task, as it was the young Malfoy who'd accompanied Derek on his first task, so when his master had said that Lucius was allowed to do this, Avery didn't have much choice but to take him and make sure that he did it right, even though he hated puppy-walking. Someone had remarked that Derek being Lucius' friend could affect the outcome of the task, but Mr. Malfoy had dismissed it, remaking that "even if they are friends, if he has what it takes to become a Deatheater, it shall not matter at all." The Lord could appreciate the energy and vitality of the young, it was one of the reasons he liked to take them when they were in their youth, and there were many in hogwarts who were proving to be very promising.

"I did as you asked." Derek knew they shouldn't see each other as friends out there tonight so he didn't talk to him the way he would in school. He would appreciate that Lucius was here to share his glory and know what had happened later when they returned to school. "I received your owl and have done what was asked of me." Looking back into Lucius's eyes, Derek could feel the power of his Deatheater friend. The power and control that Derek craved for. "I hope this is acceptable and what you asked." Derek licked a small trace of blood off a cut in the corner of his mouth.

Lucius walked closer, and stopped right in front of Derek. There was no doubt that Derek would be accepted into the ranks. He was important, he was needed, but he still needed to be tested. He began walking around the other boy. "You've come for a purpose. Tell me what it is."

"I have done what you requested. I could only hope that I would be worthy of joining your ranks with full honour by baring the mark upon my arm."

"And do you think that you're worthy of joining with us? You may have violated that girl, but does that honestly make you truly worthy? How do you think that makes you different from any other raping, murdering thug?"

Derek kept his steady gaze without showing the hesitation he felt. How was he supposed to answer? Should he say what he thought or say what he thought the Deatheater wanted him to say? Were they one and the same thing? "Because I am better than them. I had a purpose for the greater good, and not a selfish need for myself." He spoke the truth which was obvious to him. A good answer.

Lucius smirked. "Yes, I see how you think. Now for another task." He casually took his wand out and caressed it with his fingers. "Are you brave enough to hex me? Do it if you dare."

Derek's mind started debating. No one had said anything about two tasks tonight. Of course he would do it because Lucius told him to do it. Yet he was hesitating, for what? For what? Lucius was here! The Lord's representative was in front of him, standing tall. But what if this was a fatal trick? He had to anyway. Derek took a deep breath and slid his wand into his hand. He pulled his shoulders back and jabbed it into Lucius's chest, casting a nasty hex that shot blue sparks from the tip of his wand and into the Deatheater.

"Nrrrgh," Lucius gritted his teeth, fighting against the pain shooting like muggle electric through his veins. His free hand grasped the wrist of his other hand, taking a ragged breath. When the pain subsided and the shocks racking his body dulled, he slowly dropped his wrist, gathering himself, and looked at Derek. "Hesitation, but you did what I ordered all the same. Know this, bravery is often foolish. But you followed orders no matter what the risk to yourself. Although tell me why I shouldn't hex you right now for interfering with your fellow comrade." Lucius hissed menacingly, pointing his wand at Derek's throat.

Derek's eyes narrowed at the tip of Lucius's wand, nausea rising in his gut to his throat where the wand pointed. He felt a sweat drop fall of his temple as he persevered. Two sweat dampened strains stuck to his forehead. "I will prove that what I do is invaluable to you, I'll prove it to you! ABOLISH THE MUDBLOODS AND IMPURITIES FROM OUR WORLD!" Derek yelled with waves of hate rolling off his tongue, bleeding into his heart at that same moment.

Smirking slowly, Lucius lowered his wand. "You've been raised properly, Derek. You believe in our views and I feel your hate for them. You will be accepted into our ranks, once Avery over there gets back to our headquarters, and you will have the honour of baring the dark mark. But if you betray our master or show any hesitation, or weakness, you will be killed." Lucius raised his wand again, to show him he was serious. "Understand?"

Derek said "understood" once to Lucius's words. Then said "understood!" again. He didn't think he was weak and he refused to accept that label. "I will not disappoint you." He didn't even dare to wipe his forehead, and his mouth felt dry. Nodding, his eyes stayed fixated on Lucius's wand.

Lucius watched Derek, and he was satisfied at his tone. That was how it worked; strong-spirits and individuality had no place whatsoever in a Deatheater's life. Once the mark was on, it didn't matter who you were, in raids you had no name, and under the mask you were hidden. "Very well. An owl will come soon with instructions. Not a word to anyone." Lucius tucked his wand away. "You will now go back to the school. You will not tell anyone else about this. You will enter the floo place in the same shack from which you arrived. Go, and make haste."

Derek nodded obediently, and with a swish of his cloak he ran back to the gates and out of them.

Avery, who had been watching all he time, didn't see anything wrong with Luicus' technique, nor any flaw in his mannerisms. "Done well," he muttered after Derek had made his quick escape. "I will be informing the Lord about this, as I said to him that I would. His will shall be done. Wait ten minutes, and then follow him." Avery turned, and went, leaving Lucius alone in the cemetery.

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