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Who: James Potter and Lily Evans
Where: Outside then in the Gryffindor Common Room
What: Talking about serious things, a little bit of canoodling, and their one-day anniversary
Rating: PG

James strolled out of the castle, covering his eyes from the harsh setting sun. It was dim outside already, but there were still a few students wandering about. His mind drifted the the Aurors in the Forbidden Forest, and he pondered uneasily if it was really safe to be outside when it was almost sun-set.

Lily looked up from her book and closed it, noticing that it was becoming harder for her to read as the sun began to set outside. She sighed and closed it, getting up from her comfortable place under a large willow tree. She hated to go inside when it was so nice and she hadn't gotten a break in so long, but she supposed that she shouldn't chance getting in trouble for breaking curfew for her own enjoyment.

James, to his surprise, spotting Lily by a rather large willow tree. A devilish smile lit up on his face, and he stealthily snuck up behind her c losing the gap between then, and snaking his arms around her waist. "Boo!" James whispered in her ear.

Despite the mild air, Lily shivered slightly when she felt James' arms around her waist. She smiled at him, cocking her head a little so it was easier to see him. "Boo, yourself. You know, you should really be heading in right about now. It's not going to be daylight much longer."

"But all the fun happens at night." James said mysterious, pulling her a little closer to him. He gave a glance in the direction of the Forbidden Forest, and started secretly agreeing with her. Not that he was unnerved about that, or anything...

Lily narrowed her eyes at him. "And just what it that supposed to mean?" she asked, catching both meanings of his statement as she followed his eyes to the Forest. "You know better than to go into the Forbidden Forest at night. You never know what could happen."

"I know better but that doesn't mean I always stick to that, does it?" For a brief moment, he considered not telling her, but thought it was best. She was Head Girl, after-all, and his girlfriend. No secrets. "Me and Sirius were in there the other night. There were Aurors in there. They were looking for something, and when we asked Dumbledore about it, all he would say is that they were there because of some 'recent activities' near the forest. But keep it hush, it wouldn't look good if it got out. "

Lily was slightly surprised by this sudden rush of information. She turned around in his arms so that she was facing him and stared him straight in the eyes. "You're serious?" she asked after a minute of surveying them. "But, what could that mean? You don't think...You Know Who? No...that couldn't be... more people would know."

"I do think it is V-vold...well, You Know Who. Why else would they be here? Maybe not directly, but maybe Death Eaters. If it wasn't serious Dumbledore would of told us more, but he didn't enlighten the matter any further. They're here on the Ministry's orders, and Dumbledore obviously agrees they should be here." James shrugged, telling her his observations. He held her hips gently with his hands.

"That's very possible," she said, thinking on the situation. "Did Dumbledore look very worried when you saw him...I mean, any more than usual?" Lily inquired, fighting back a twinge of fear that rose up in her. She was really on edge about the Death Eaters these days... She wasn't exactly in her element in Defense Against the Dark Arts-related matters and something happening so close to her now was very uncomfortable for her.

"Not worried, no. He did seem more displeased than usual when we told him we'd been in the Forbidden Forest; we didn't get in trouble, but he did warn us. Usually, he knows we'll go and do it again, but I think he'll be disappointed if we do again. And after what we saw...I'm not going to go back there in a hurry. Not if there's death eaters around." James smiled and her, and shrugged. "Don't worry about it, though. Dumbledore's here, so we're safe."

"Sometimes I wonder...if that's really justified," Lily said. "Dumbledore is old, James, you have to remember that. He may be a reknowned wizard, but sometimes I don't feel as safe as I probably should be just knowing 'Oh, he's here, so everything's alright'. Can he really be strong enough to fight off something like...well, the Dark Lord?"

James looked at her evenly. "I wouldn't underestimate him, Lils. I'd trust him with more than my life." After that decisive statement, he eased up a lightly, and pulled her into a warm hug. "Anyway, we're out of here soon. That's something to look forward to, isn't it?"

Lily nodded into his shoulder, putting her arms around him and breathing deeply. "I guess so," she said. But is that really going to be any better? was what she neglected to add. "So," she said, coming out of the hug and standing beside him. "What are you planning on doing when you get out of Hogwarts?"

"I don't know. Probably work on getting my own place in London somewhere. Start Auror training, like my Dad did. You coming with me?" He grinned playfully.

Lily laughed. "Auror training? I should have expected as much from you...always wanting to get in on the action." She smiled at him and leaned against the tree, looking at the ground. "I used to consider becoming one--an Auror, I mean--but I'd be rubbish at it with the kind of defence spells I perform. I'm thinking of maybe becoming a Healer, actually."

James nodded. "A healer, hey? Bet you get a sexy...little uniform with that job..." He pictured this, and grinned. "Marlene said something about becoming a Healer."

Lily glared and blushed, the thought of what was going through James' mind more than a little embarrassing. "No, for your information, we get robes, just like everyone else," she told him matter-of-factly. Her interest was piqued when she heard about Marlene. "Really? Well, then, at least there'll be someone I know training with me, if that's what I end up doing."

James laughed at her, and didn't show that he was just a little bit disappointed about the uniform. Reaching out and taking her hand in his, he said,"If we're all going to be doing training in the same places...it would be fun if we all shacked up. A small group of us from Hogwarts. Cheap, convenient..."

Lily raised an eyebrow at him. "What are you suggesting, James?" she asked. "That we live together?" She laughed a little. "Even with friends around, I wouldn't trust you anywhere near my bedroom and or my possessions."

James gave her a shocked look. "Wouldn't trust me near your bedroom? Why on earth not!"

Lily rolled her eyes and laid her head on his shoulder, a soft chuckle escaping her lips. "In all seriousness, I think you're right, actually... If we could just find a few other people who would be interested, I think your idea would work out pretty well."

"Exactly. That's why you're in love with me, see. I'm always thinking. I haven't bothered mention it to Sirius, but I'm sure he'd be game. Marlene would be grateful for a friendly face at Healer training....could be a riot." James grinned, picturing it all in his head.

She playfully scoffed a little at the loving him piece, but was soon frowning. "Having to put up with the two biggest pranksters in the school every single day?" she asked with a laugh. "Now I'd really have to hide my things. I'm afraid of what would come from you and Sirius living under the same roof..."

"Moony and Wormtail have lived with it for many many years, I'm sure you ladies could handle it." James laughed as well, and then looked again at the setting sun. Less students were around now, and he gave her a sly, suggestive smile.

"Stop smiling like that; you're disturbing me," Lily told him bluntly, but with some humor in her voice. "We've been going out for a whole one day, so let's have none of that kind of thinking."

"A whole day?" James said in awe. "Gosh, it's our very first anniversary and I already forgot! There is not much hope in the future, I am afraid." He gave her a light kiss on the cheek, and nibbled lightly at her earlobe.

Lily laughed and swatted at him lightly. "Stop it!" she demanded, smirking. "I never let you get like that with me before and just because I favor you a little more than before doesn't mean you're allowed to!"

"What am I allowed to do, then, Miss Evans?" James said obediently, teasingly, not moving away from her face.

"What you're allowed to do it go inside before the sun sets so that you don't get in trouble," she told him, throwing her head slightly in the direction of the aforementioned star. It was nearly gone behind the horizon and that worried her. She hated getting in trouble, or even knowing she could possibly get into it.

James pouted at her. "Okay, we'll....continue...in the common room, then. C'moan, m'lady." He grabbed her hand and started walking with her the short distance back to the castle.

Lily followed James all the way through the castle and up the stairs into the Gryffindor common room, which they found was mildly crowded with students--the normal evening was progressing. Taking the lead, she walked over to one of the sofas and sat down, throwing her book onto a table beside it. She looked up at James and wordlessly invited him to sit down with her...not that she didn't know he would already.

James flounced lazily onto the couch beside her, giving a loud yawn. Blinking uniterestedly at some of the students that were watching them, he put his arm around Lily's shoulders, and pulled her gently towards him more. He could picture many more days like this.

If she was embarrassed by the stares they were getting, Lily didn't show it...much. She still felt her face a little warm, wondering if she'd ever get used to that. Of course, if luck had it, they'd still be together in a few months when it would be easier to get some privacy... Resting against him, Lily looked up at James unblinkingly. "Hard to 'continue' with so many stares, huh?" she asked with a smile. She was happy here, though...

James looked down at her, and gave her a loving smile. "Mmhmm...although..." He gave her a light peck on the lips. "They're just all wondering how a jerk like me got you, that's all."

"I could imagine," Lily said, near-seriously, smirking. "After all, if you had told me even last week that I would be going out with you, then I would have hexed you and told you to sod off." She stuck her tongue out playfully at him.

"Only last weekend?" Deciding to play a game with her, James put on his best, miserable everyone-hates-me-look, and stiffened, pulling his arm away from her. He looked as sulky and sad as possible.

Lily looked slightly alarmed, blinking at his odd reaction. Now some of the students were definately staring, curious as to what had happened. "What's the matter?" she asked, concerned. "I didn't mean it like that, you know..."

He sniffed dramatically. "When people told me that they thought I was an arrogant idiot, I never thought that my own girlfriend would share the same opinion." He said stiffly.

Lily frowned and glared, knowing he was acting silly. She put her hands on her hips. "Well, haven't I told you literally thousands of times before the same thing without having it faze you at all?" she asked, skeptical on wether he was using all his sense or not.

"You weren't my girlfriend then. I wasn't madly in love with you then." With a sly mental grin, he remembered that was. He continued the act, now looking crushed, heart-broken.

Lily was slowly catching on to this game...if for no other reason than that James was never like this... Mentally smirking, she thought, Two can play at this game. Now, suddenly, she looked as if she were the one hurt, dropping her arms and staring at him like he had said one of the worst things in the world. "So...so you didn't love me back then? So you were lieing, all that time? Does that mean you're lieing to me now, too? Do you really even care like you say you do?" she hit him with a barrage of questions.

James, always the gullible one - Sirius often exploited that - immediately felt that his game had turned sour. Half of him wanted to 'win', but he knew that his girlfriend of one-whole-day might not even speak to him if he did. He touched her arm lightly, and gave her a grin. "Joking, Lils."

"That sounds like something you'd say," is all she said, and continued to act. He wasn't off the hook that easily. "Trying to mask your lies with a laugh and a cute nickname? I'm not buying it, Potter."

James looked at her, alarm. "No, I'm serious. I was joking!" There was more interest in looking at them all of the sudden, and James felt a little self-concious.

"So you're just going to continue to lie to my face like that?" Lily asked, trying her best to sound on the verge of tears while mentally laughing at the predicament he was in. He seemed rather uncomfortable with a seemingly emotional female to deal with and half the Gryffindor population looking at him like he had three bright green limbs.

Gullible James started to smell a rat. Her teary voice didn't quite fool him, and he took a gamble. Two can play it that game. Figuring the only way he could regain the lead, he thought that she wouldn't want to be embarrassed in front of a whole lot of people, working on this, James said in a raised voice, "Oh well I'm sorry I'm not perfect, Evans!"

She knew he was catching on, and Lily frantically tried to think of something to save her case. Oh, how she wished she were better at conjuring up fake tears... Knowing it would never work, she scrapped that idea and instead, seemed to react to his raised voice by looking even more wounded. "Perfect in what?" she asked quietly. "All I asked was that you do the best you could...but you can't even tell me a straight truth..."

"Do you want to know the truth?" James said loudly, dramatically. "Well, I'll tell you the truth! Right at this very second, sitting here and watching try and fool me into thinking that you're actually upset, you seem even more scrumpciously delicious than usual and all I want to do is-" James broke off for dramatic pause, and then with what seemed like half of Gryffindor as his witness, pressed his lips to hers.

Lily's act dropped the second his lips touched her own. She hadn't been expecting it--more like she had expected him to go on yelling at her--but she had to smile at it, forgetting for a second that a good portion of their house was watching them. When she pulled away, she raised her eyebrows at him. "You still lose, faker," she told him, twirling a strand of hair around a finger. "I had you going longer."

"Got the girl though, didn't I?" He said in a lower, more private tone, giving her a grin. Once again he puts his arm around her shoulder. He glanced up, and went a wee-bit red when he saw everyone's eyes trained on them.

"This common room business has got to stop," Lily leaned up and whispered in his ear. "Goodness, it's like they'd never seen a Head Boy and Girl kiss before." Despite going a bit red herself, she tried to shake it off...it was one of those things she'd have to get used to before she left Hogwarts.

James chuckled. "Well, actually I don't think..." He trailed off, and then said,"Do you want to go somewhere more private? I feel like a animal at a zoo again."
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