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Characters: Joey Jenkins and Lorraine Weston
Setting: Outside in the grounds
Summary: The couple spend some time talking. It gets a little angsty, but then good again when they start messing about with his camera. So woo :D
Rating: PG

Lorraine was sitting under a tree on a blanket with a book in her hand. Her sister Natasha sent it to her it was autographed even. It was by one of her favorite wizarding writers. Lorraine finally moved to get more comfortable as she layed out on the blanket. Thankfully she was wearing pants so she wouldn't have the problem of some jerk looking up her skirt. She was deeply in to the book which probably not such a good thing for her to be doing with everything going on. But then again she probably would sense it if it was bad.

Joey walked along the side of the lake without much thought about what he was going to do in his break from lessons. It seemed a waste of time to study right then, and there was no one at the pitch to share a game with. He'd checked already, and he didn't want to play on his own. So it was a pleasant surprise when he came across Lorraine. "Lorri," he called out to her, walking to where she sat.

Lorraine was to much into her book to hear Joey call out to her. She was enjoying her book and her hair fell over her face. As she swiped the hair out of her face she managed to look up and see Joey walking to her. "Joey!" Lorraine smiled her smile at him.

"Let me guess, that's another of those intriguing books which make you block out everything else around you? You sure do like them." He smiled in return. "At least there aren't any owls around here to scare you during your reading."

Lorraine laughed as she reached up and pulled him down to sit with her. "So what brings you out here?" Lorraine closed her book, "Just so you know yes, but nothing is as interesting as you."

"The lack of something to do, really, brought me out here," Joey explained, wrapping his arm around her shoulder. "There's normally something to do out here. Fall in the lake, or get attacked by one of the creatures Hagrid scares out of the forest with his gigantic walks. Both experiences I've happened to endured."

"Aw... baby I am sorry." You should have owled me or something. She entwined her fingers with hers. "So what should we do?"

"I'm going to take you for a walk, and I'm going to love every minute of it." Joey brought her hand up to his face, kissing the back of it softly.

Lorraine felt as is she was going to melt, "Are you now?" She looked into his eyes, "Should we leave my stuff here?"

"Well," Joey glanced around, and it didn't seem there was anyone about to poke amongst her things if she did leave them. "Yes, leave it here."

"Okay, if anyone takes my things you will be in some serious trouble." Lorraine smiled as she kissed the back of his hand.

"If that happens, I'll track the thieves down and beat them up for you." Joey gave his best knight-in-shining-armour smile.

Lorraine laughed softly and nodded, "Okay lets go for that walk then."

Joey took her hand in his, standing up together. "I brought my camera, like I said I would. Are you feeling photogenic today?"

"Do I have a choice?" Lorraine laughed sloftly as she lifted up with him. She was falling a bit for him and wondered how much he really cared about her. Lorraine turned and wrapped her arms around him laying her head against his chest, "I hope you are feeling photogenic today too, because I want pictures of you too."

"I'll feel photogenic for as long as you do." Joey patted his hand to the book bag over his shoulder, feeling the edge of it to make sure the camera was in there. He'd checked that morning, but just to be sure.

Lorraine smiled and reached down and picked up her book, "I feel more at ease if you put this in your bag." She handed him he book and smiled the smile she saved just for him. She looked in his his and sighed softly in content, "So which way should we go? I want some pictures of us together to... I want memories of us together."

"What do you think of going down to the lake bank? It's a nice day." Joey looked up to the sky. It was one of those clear days, but with enough space on the grounds for them to have enough privacy to walk around undisturbed.

Lorraine nodded, "Sounds almost perfect." She leaned against him and sighed softly as she took his hand in hers, "Shall we head over there now?"

"Yes." Joey started to make the way closer to the lake, glad he'd come out there today. He looked down at her, sweeping some stray strands of hair from out of her forehead as they went. "I hear that people know about us now."

"Is that so? Who knows besides Gryffindors, has anyone said anything to you?" Lorraine slightly nudged him, "Not that I am ashamed of you.. I a just curious I don't really care who knows but... I am just not one of those girls who will brag about who she is with... or isn't with."

"Some Gryffindors have said about it, some who I didn't even know were aware of us. I'm not ashamed of you either. I guess I'm a private person when it comes to things like this." Joey was sure she would understand that.

"We both are, perhaps that is one reason we work." Lorraine smiled she stopped and looked up into his eyes he was a great deal taller than she was possibly a foot at the most. She was tiny compared to him but she felt safe near him and with him. Lorraine put his hand to her heart, "You make me happy and that is all that matters. Just don't go breaking my heart."

"You don't go breaking mine either, you hear me?" He smiled softly. He'd learned it was the normal reaction for people to believe the guy would be the one to mess things up, but he might have been just as worried about her intentions. "We'll be fine."

"I won't I promise... if I broke your heart i might as well break my own." Lorraine softly spoke as she looked up at him. "We should be fine I agree."

Joey, satisfied with her answer, took her to the edge of the lake. "What do you think about sitting here?"

Lorraine smiled, "If this is where you want me to sit I shall." She looked at him so lovingly not so much I am in love with you look but i care a lot about you look.

"So I haven't told anyone about us," Joey picked up on the conversation he left earlier. "I don't mind people knowing, I just didn't expect them to know so quickly." In truth, he didn't like anyone talking behind his back, although that wasn't necessarily directed at her.

"Well, Lily figured it out I felt bad for not telling her... but I didn't want to make her feel bad." Lorraine turned to him and took his hand, "I know maybe we were being a little too public?" Lorraine looked down, "perhaps we should tone it down a bit in public... maybe they will stop with the talking." Lorraine sighed, she wasn't ashamed of him. She never let herself be as public her personal life was rarely on display. She didn't care for people talking about her and Joey it wasn't their business she had ignored whatever people said for the most part. But clearly it bothered him and she wasn't sure what to do about it.

"I just don't want anyone to get in our way." Joey felt the light hand of guilt touch him, wishing he'd said his words in a more sensitive manner. His tone, he guessed, had been rather snappy. Reaching out, he tilted Lorraine's chin up with his finger, kissing her on the lips, showing her there was nothing to worry about.

Lorraine was going to respond but before she got the chance his lips touched hers. Her eyes closes lightly as he hand when to his cheek. She was falling for him, despite the fact he really wanted their relationship private. The again she wanted the same, but it was so hard for her not to be a little affectionate in public. She hated that the school was full of busy bodies who liked to meddle in relationships. She was sure some girls didn't think she belonged with him. Actually she was sure of it. Lorraine pulled back a little and whispered softly, "Joey I don't either... I don't want anything or anyone to destroy what we have." She then pressed her lips back against kissing him a little deeper than she was moments ago.

Joey drew her further into the kiss. If his words would not show it, then perhaps his actions would. The front of his head felt light when he kissed her, a good sort of light, the sort of feeling one might want to get caught up in. When his lips parted from her, he could still taste her on them. "We have nothing to worry about, and I don't mind if people know. If you want to tell your friends, then do so."

Lorraine smiled at him, "The only people i might call friends already know. Two of which are on the quidditch team... Sirius and James. As for Lily she figured it out probably from watching us." Lorraine tilted her head slightly and smiled, "Those three are probably the only ones that really matter to me. James, not as much as Lily and Sirius." She put her finger to his lips, "Why do you believe we have nothing to worry about? Because I have to admit sometimes I do worry..."

"Because I don't want to worry. I don't see what there is to feel worried about. I like my privacy, but not at the expense of any doubts." He felt strongly for her, true enough, but he didn't realise a string of doubts would go with it. Joey didn't even realise she felt that way. He brushed his hand through her hair, lightly curling his fingers around the back of her neck. "What do you worry about, then?"

"Just that this what we have won't last... not that you would hurt me intentionally... not only that I feel so new to this. I don't want to be a horrible girlfrind." Lorraine softly spoke she didn't want anyone but him to hear her doubts. "I am also scared to fall for you..." Lorraine said quietly, but the look on her face clear was she wasn't intending on say that to him. She buried her face in her hands she wanted to run but could bring herself to jump up and run.

Joey could see the fear in her eyes just before she hid her face, and he tried to remain sympathetic to her, to reassure her. If he felt any hurt that she still wasn't any closer to really trusting him, then he hid it well, and let himself think about it in private. No doubt everyone would think terrible of him if she said all that to someone else, giving them reason to think he was a bad guy in all this. "You're not a horrible girlfriend," he said, "You're a great one."

It was almost as she was continuing what she was saying moments ago, "Joey, I really like you and if I was to fall... I could get hurt. Not that you would... but nothing is a sure thing except death." Lorraine looked him in the eyes, "You are so good to me, I feel horrible.. for being scared... I just I don't know." She wanted to cry not that she knew if he was at all hurt by what she was saying. But it hurt her, she could understand why she was so scared. "Could we go back to being happy and loving... I don't want to ruin the plans you might have."

"My plans involved you, and it doesn't work for one of us to be happy, and the other miserable. If you're feeling something, then it affects me too. I was happy and loving. Very happy." He inwardly sighed, seeing that what'd said had been ignored, maybe even counting for nothing. He knew she found it hard to trust, but he gave her absolutely no reason to think he was going to do anything to ruin it. "You're wrong, there are a lot of sure things. I didn't start dating someone so morbid, Lorraine."

"I'm not trying to be morbid... Joey I really like you. I feel things with you... security and happiness. Maybe this fear in me is just the fear of losing you." Lorraine sighed softly closing her eyes, "I don't want to scare you away..."

"I don't want you scared of losing me!" he exclaimed, glancing away. "You're not going to lose me, because I've already said that I'm not going anywhere. And I'm not going to be scared off either, I don't like that suggestion."

Lorraine's eyes teared up but not so much in sadness but in happiness she leaned in and kissed him, "Thank you for being the amazing guy you are... you make me so happy you have no idea how happy you've made me." She touched his cheek and smiled again and kissed him again.

"You should be happy anyway," Joey mumbled. "Just know that you're a special girl, alright?" He collected her closer to him.

Lorraine blushed, "Am I? Why do you say that?" Her eyes were twinkling as she looked at him, which they only seemed to do when she was with him.

"Let's see. You're good looking, you make me laugh, you have the most interesting choice in books, and an even more peculiar one in your choice of owls." Joey smiled slightly.

Lorraine brush his cheek bone with the side of her finger, "You Joey Jenkins are a dream come true, you are understanding and loving, you make it easy to be open with. You make it even easier to fall for..." Lorraine laid her head against his chest and took a deep breath taking his hand in hers and placing it in his lap. "Joey I only want to be with you, fear might be there but you give me the courage to believe in us."

Joey remained unspeaking for several minutes. He didn't want to be angry, so he forced any doubts of his own to the back of his mind, either to let go of, or to think about later when he was on his own, in his room, or flying out on the pitch. Everything seemed to gain perspective on the pitch. "Then you'll just have to get rid of that fear," he finally spoke.

Lorraine pulled away his silence was upsetting she brought her knees to her chest and wrapped her arms around them letting go of his hand as she looked down at the ground she felt horrible. She wish she never said she was scared, it just seemed to make matters worse. It seemed all he heard from her was that she was scared he and he missed everything else she said.

Lorraine sat up and looked into his eyes, "Joey please.. my feelings for you out do the fear. You know what has happened to my siblings, they don't exactly have the best of luck in love." Lorraine put his hand to her heart, "I want to be with you this fear isn't as big as you think it is... it is just a small bit." She pressed her lips against his and she then smiled and whispered into his ear, "I want us to be open and honest.. to assure each other... that we belong." Lorraine took a deep breathe, "My fears won't get the best of me, I want to fall... if you will let me."

"I can't let you do anything, just like I can't stop you from doing anything either. You feel what's best for you. No one else can tell you that. Don't let what happened to your family affect you."

Lorraine sighed heavily as she looked at him, "I know you can't make me do anything, but do you want me to?" She took a deep breath, "You want to know what my two fears are, falling in love and never falling in love... you know what I fear most of the two? Never falling in love." Lorraine looked at him, "I think I might be already falling... but would you catch me?" She took a deep breath, "Joey, I am sorry if I have upset you any... maybe I don't know you as well as I would like to read you like I can others. Last thing I would want is to hurt you in anyway."

Joey tried not to get frustrated at her sighing, but he couldn't help but feel she was being a bit over-dramatic over the whole situation. He was worried about messing up too, but he wasn't making a point of it. He wasn't exactly experienced with dating, and even less so with girls he actually liked, so he couldn't be the source of all reassurance, as much as he wanted to be. However, it wasn't like him to be angry, so he looked as blank and calm as ever. "You know what I want. I want to spend some time with you. I'm not hurt, but at the same time I'm not worrying about falling in love, or any of that, because I'm enjoying what's happening now. I don't want to be smothered and loaded up with all these expectations; we're supposed to be having fun and acting spontaneous. Just don't be scared. I'm not going anywhere and I want to see where this goes, but you can't be scared, because that'll only stop you from feeling anything that's worth risking everything for."

"I don't either I just want to be happy with you." Lorraine smiled as she played with his hand. "I am glad to know I haven't hurt you... I want to spend time with you too." She looked at him and reached for his bag and handed it to him. "I don't suppose I could... put that camera to use?"

"Sure. I'm not feeling too photogenic, but I bet you could change that." Joey began to smile, letting his doubts filter away. Doubt never did anyone much good when it wasn't needed, and he didn't think it needed right now.

"How do you suppose I do that?" she asked meekly not so much in an upset I am scared of you but in a meek playful sort of way. Lorraine hadn't a clue how to make him feel like taking pics.

"A smile would be a nice start," Joey even dared to attempt a grin, pushing forward into his hands and knees, prowling like a large cat to her side. He had a very innocent side at times, it was why upsetting things confused him a bit, but if there was one thing he knew how to do well, it was how to jest "You see, this is supposed to go like this," he nudged his finger to the corner of her mouth, gently prodding her lips up into what looked like a smile.

"Lorraine started to laugh and fell back as she did so she looked up at him. She pulled herself back up and touched his lips with her fingers, "Any idea what else these lips are meant to do?"

"They could be used for talking, perhaps. Talking is always good." Joey smiled even more broadly when she did, hooked in by her laughter. "Or, I can think of a few other uses."

"Oh yeah? Like what?" Lorraine teased lightly biting slighted on her bottom lip and now stroking his hair right above his ear. She looked at him in the eyes and smiled as she looked at him.

"I think that maybe, wait, let me check." Joey leaned down, planting his lips against hers. "Yes," he replied convincingly, appearing pleased with what he'd just done, "they're good for that too." While she looked up at him, he quickly brought his camera around and clicked it a distance away to get a picture with the two of them in, hearing the brief whirring sound to show it had taken a shot. It sounded about as old as it looked. "Got you."

Lorraine looked at him and smiled, "You are just now figuring that out?" She leaned in close and kissed him on his nose then kissed him on his lips.

Joey laughed briefly at the affection, murmuring happily against her lips. That was going to be one perfect photo. He rolled onto his back, half-pulling her on top of him.

Lorraine layed against him and smiled as she started to draw circles on his chest, "Is there a way to charm that camera to take pics of us together?" Lorraine asked as she tilted her head a little and looked at him.

"There's something on this that allows for that." Joey held the camera up above him as he lay on his back, fiddling with the various buttons. "I always like the natural shots, the ones when no on in it is posing. They always look so beautiful and real."

"Yeah, I like them too..." Lorraine smiled lightly, "How quickly does it take pictures.. does it take small breaks? Or does it shoot like every second?"

"It can shoot continually if I set it to, but that's probably pushing its ability. They'll be ready soon." Joey lazily handed the camera over to her.

"What do I do with it, let it go?" Lorraine asked questionably just then the camera had a bit of a flash as it took a pic and Lorraine out of a bit of fright tossed it lightly in the air then hit him. "You did that on purpose didn't you!" She then attempted to tickle him but not before planting a kiss on his lips.

"Hey, hey now! It's not my fault if the camera wants to play." Joey laughed again, entertained by her reaction. He caught the camera before it hit the ground, and with his free hand he pulled her in close.

Lorraine layed against him laughing softly, "It's your fault because you handed it to me." She grinned as she lifted her head just enough to look at him, "But I guess I will forgive you, this time."

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