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Characters: Lorraine Weston & Sirius Black
Setting: Gryffindor Common Room
Summary: Lorraine and Sirius talk about things then talk about her relationship with Joey and and gives her some advice.
Rating: G

Lorraine was sitting in the common room reading a book on the psyche of wizards vs muggles, it was a requirement for her studies that she would part take in after leaving school she wanted to be on top of things before she got there. She also had her NEWTs to worry about but at the time she had enough studying on it for the night. She was eating from a bowl of grapes as she read. She also scribbled some notes in the margins marking things that she thought were important to remember. Besides studying because it was important, she was trying to distract herself from thoughts of Joey and some things that were said.

Sirius twirled his wand in his left hand while his free hand was rested in his pocket, strolling down the steps from the boys dorms with a book wedged under his arm. He was whistling the tune to some silent song that only he seemed to hear, and the pitch of it suggested he was in one of his wonderfully happy moods. He'd seen Alice, James and Remus seemed to be happy, although he still had to corner Remus and find out about what was making him smile so brightly. It was a pretty catchy tune he whistled. He reached the bottom of the stairs, and lifted his head to scan for the inhabitants in the common room, seeing Lorraine he strolled over to her, and sat himself down on a chair across from her. "Good evening, Lorri, what are you up to?"

"Good-evening to you too Sirius." Lorraine smiled as she closed her book and tilted her head, "Well, I was reading but I wouldn't mind at all to have you to distract me, perhaps her could sit on the couch and have one of our in-depth talks... we don't have those as often as we use to."

"We didn't have N.E.W.Ts before either," Sirius laughed, spreading his arm out so the book that was tucked under it fell down onto the chair. He picked it up with a sweep of his hand, and jumped into the chair, letting out a sigh as he gave into the comfort of the armchair.

"That is true, and we both weren't in relationships either." Lorraine laughed softly, "Relationship... wow something I didn't think I would be in for the longest time... wow." Lorraine got up and took Sirius hand pulling on him just a little over to the couch, "Come sit talk...with me..."

"Ngggh," Sirius complained at the tugging, pulling his hand back to himself, but he did as she asked and moved over onto her couch. "Ok, ok, I'm here." He placed his book in his lap, tapping the cover.

Lorraine stuck her tongue at him, "You know I could always tell James you like pink... and he and I could charm everything you own bright pink." She tried to read the cover of the book but failed.

"Then I'd charm everything you own," Sirius tried to think of something to equal pink, and said "the colour of the Hufflepuff house" with a small cackle.

"What book is that that you have, if you don't mind me asking?" Lorraine said quietly as she decided to change the subject. She watched him curiously she wanted to talk to him about all sorts of things about their relationships and things they use to.

Sirius showed her the cover, on which was a picture of a broom crossed over a jet-black cauldron. "Nothing much, just something I ordered from Hogsmeade to help me with my practical potions exam."

"Ahh I see, I hope it works for you," Lorraine smiled then sighed slightly, "I think I did something stupid."

"You better tell me about it." Sirius' joking expression faded away into one of a more understanding one when he heard that. Something stupid, that sounded worrying.

Lorraine sighed, "I don't know, but I think I made a huge mistake telling Joey I am a little scared... you know falling for him."

"Well, it wouldn't be what he wanted to hear," Sirius replied bluntly. He had a very set view on relationships, and he didn't sway away from that for anyone.

Lorraine nodded, "I don't know why I said it to him. How I fix it what do I do to get rid of my insecurities? I mean I don't think he would hurt me, but how do I fix this?"

"Show him that he's got nothing to be worried about, that you're not going to run off because you were scared. I don't know, it depends on how serious you both are, and I can't judge that."

"I really like him Sirius, as for how serious we are I suppose we aren't to extremely serious like we aren't in love, but we don't want to lose each other either." Lorraine turned to him talking softly just incase anyone was trying to listen in. She spoke so only he would hear her.

"I am so very new to this, I figured maybe you could help... you being a guy and all and my best friend... well one half of my best friends." Lily was her other best friend, yes Sirius knew more about her but that was only because they had known each other for years before Hogwarts.

"Talking, I hear, is very good for relationships. Give that a try, whatever you do don't shove this aside until you know you're both alright with what was said, or work at it until you are alright with it. There, now I almost sound like I know what I'm talking about."

"How do you suppose I bring it up again... I just don't want to upset him any not that he was before. I am not sure, I don't know how to really explain to him my fear... when I don't understand it fully myself." Lorraine sighed, "I don't want to lose him... he makes me happy."

"You've got to deal with it first before expecting him to." Sirius reassuringly patted the back of her hand, slipping his fingers in the spaces between hers.

Lorraine held on to his hand, "And how do you suppose I do that?" Leaning her head on his shoulder, "I swear my sister and brothers put the fear in me when they were trying to help. Lorraine scoffed softly, "Do you think it could be something else, I just think it is my fear?"

"I really don't know. If I had someone interested in me, I wouldn't be scared. I can't tell you what to do. Just realise there's nothing to be scared about, I suppose."

"You are right, maybe what I am really scared of is... maybe life after school..." Lorraine placed her other hand on top of his hand that he was using to hold hers. "Thank you... for everything Sirius."

"You're welcome." Sirius smiled softly, hoping he'd helped in some way. If he hadn't, then he'd have to try a little harder next time.

Lorraine took in a deep breath, "I miss sitting here with you like this." She confessed softly and watched the fire burn, "So how are things with you and Alice?"

"Things are going wonderfully." Sirius beamed at the mention of her name. Alice was a little beauty, and just thinking about seemed to make him smile.

"Good to hear, what else is new I haven't missed anything?"

"You miss lots everyday, there's always something going on. Nothing I can think to say right now. I haven't grown another head, or become prime minister, so as far as I'm concerned it's all good news."

Lorraine sat up a bit as she turned and looked at him, "See that is what I love about you, never a dull moment. I say we should sneak off some time... for old times sake."

"As long as I don't get in trouble in doing so, like I did that time when I raided the sweet shop with Andie." Then Sirius remembered what Dumbledore told him, when he went to talk to him with James. "Well, actually... maybe not so soon."

"Okay, I understand we have are NEWTs to worry about right?" Lorraine said slightly disappointed but understanding.

"Yes, N.E.W.Ts and, other things. Always keeping busy here as it is." Sirius began tapping his book again.

"Did you want to go and study?" Lorraine reached over and put a hand on his.

"I think I better. We've got N.E.W.Ts, you know!" Sirius grinned, adjusting his book into his free hand.

Lorraine smiled as she turned a bit still holding his hand she wrapped her arm around him hugging him. "I should get back to my studies to," she then pulled away getting up pulling on his hand to help him up.

Sirius let himself by pulled up, smiling slightly. His feelings of satisfaction had escalated now they'd talked, and suddenly he didn't feel like studying. He felt like going out and taking hours with some Quidditch practice. "Actually, I'm going to head outside. I'll see you later."

"Okay, you do that. Don't have too much fun." Lorraine wrapped her arms around him hugging him. She got on her tip toes and kissed his cheek. "Behave mister."

"I'll behave." Sirius grinned ever so briefly. Behave wasn't really a word that many people used to for him. "You don't overwork that mind of yours on too much studying."

"I don't think that would be a problem... Joey tends to weigh heavily on my mind I could be completely over worked on studies if I wanted to."

"Go and talk to him, make sure you're both happy with how things are. Believe me, you'll be glad I said so." Sirius placed his book onto the table, because he wasn't going to be reading from it until the next day. By the time he'd be finished with Quidditch, he'd probably have sneak back into the castle avoiding prefects. Sirius gave one last reassuring smile, then turned on his heel, leaving.
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