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Continued from Action RP

Who: Javier and Faelynn
Where: Slytherin Girls Dormitory
When: Before the ball/Right after Exams
Rating: NC-17 (It has some WooHoo [As Holly Put it!])
( Continued from http://www.livejournal.com/community/mwpp_action/96665.html )

Faelynn: Fae turned and picked up the stack. Some of the letters were marked already with X's, things she knew she'd turn down. Jobs she simply did not like. But there were others. She handed the whole stack to Javier. She crawled around him and sat behind him. Putting her legs on either side of him and pressed her front to his back. Slowly she began to rub his shoulders with her hands. She laid her head on his shoulder as she rubbed his back.

Javier: "I think with all these, you should no problem with finding the best job," he remarked, but not patronisingly. He knew she was more than capable of picking out the best job. He wasn't going to complain too much if she chose a job he didn't like either, although he didn't like the thought of them having conflicting times, or if she chose something that meant he would only see her when they were going to bed. "I like the look of this one," he finally spoke up, "it's got... hey... do you know how difficult it is to talk when you're doing that to me," he murmured, finding the hands that were wandering his back and rubbing into all his places an utterly delightful distraction.

Faelynn: Fae smiled secretly into his shoulder. "I had no idea." But of course she didn't stop. She continued to rub and stroke his back with one hand as the other arm wrapped around him, gently stroking over his stomach. She turned her head and kissed his earlobe. "Go on, I'm listening.." She sucked on his lobe, nibbling on it softly. She was definitely trying to distract them. The dorm was empty. She had him close. The outside world was a busy place...And she wanted to distract him from that world. He was in hers now. And in Fae world Javier should be happy, And loved. And that's exactly what she was showing him. The hand on his stomach pressed and hooked fingers under his shirt buttons, and through the gaps and touched his warm skin.. "Tell me which Job you like.." She whispered in his ear before going back to nibbling the part between his ear and his neck...

Javier: Javier was trying to concentrate fully on the task at hand, but the touch of a beautiful girl wasn't easily dismissed. Especially when the beautiful girl was sitting behind him, on a bed they'd shared many times before, pulling so beckoningly on his ear, and slender fingers snaking their way into the confines of his shirt. It was the which-job-you-like sentence that shot his thoughts away from the papers. Even if she hadn't meant it in the way his hot-blooded mind picked up on it, his mind was rapidly stirring away from the stack of documents and into a place far, far more distracting. "What do you think?" he asked, his voice a tenor lower than its usual tone, touching his hand to the top of the papers that were at risk of slipping onto the floor and being forgotten about for the next hour.

Faelynn: Fae leaned her body against his, and pushed her legs against the side of his body. With a nudge of her toe the papers fell to the floor. Fae hooked his earlobe in her teeth again and flicked her tongue against it. She again moved to whisper into his ear.. "I bet you like the job I'm doing right now." Fae stopped rubbing his back, that hand now wrapped around him as well, but lower, not on his stomach or near his chest. She was south of the border. She slowly untucked his shirt, then pressed her hand down right above his place, she slowly trailed circles around.. touching his thigh when she leaned forward enough, then back to around it. She didn't touch what she knew had to be growing in his pants. But simply around. Her other fingers touched and toyed through the button gaps. And her kissing moved from his ear and down his neck.

Javier: When the papers fluttered down to the floor, he knew that had to be a sign. He wanted to close his eyes, and push her hand into the one place he'd need it - if she continued on like that within a matter of minutes. But he wanted to be fully aware of what was going on, what she was doing, even if it was to stop soon, so he kept his eyes open and watched where her hand was moving, gliding and trailing around his body like the skilled hand of an artist. "Yes," he eventually replied, so distracted he almost missed what she said, but caught it at the last moment. He kept his hands where they were by his side, enjoying - perhaps selfishly - the way she was showering attention on him.

Faelynn: Fae used the hand on his shirt and reached up slowly unbuttoning each one of his buttons till they were all open. Her hand now traced over his bare chest, pushing the shirt as open as it would go without pulling it off. His skin was hot. Her other hand though finally pressed down over his spot. At first just laying over it. And then the touches, soft and slow she touched him through his pants. Groping even, at what she knew was there. At something she'd seen and experienced before. Her lips found his neck, while her hands explored his body. Her lips pressed softly against his neck. Her hair brushed his face. Her scent mingled in his nose.

Javier: He breathed in, and allowed himself to lean back against her, slowly, not wanting to shift what she was doing. His hands reached backwards, gently guiding her head more firmly to his neck, slipping them down to her shoulders. Elegant shoulders, with skin smooth enough to grace over with his fingers without hesitation, an affectionate squeeze (and a tangent made him put aside every thought of the documents). No. No robes, he suddenly didn't want to be dressed. That was how he'd feel if she wouldn't stop.

Faelynn: Fae'd completely forgot his tie, and unknotted it with the hand that had been on his chest, when it was undone it was lost to the floor as well, soon his shirt followed. Now both hands focused on the catch of his trousers. That was more difficult to do one handed. Soon she'd unhooked it and unzipped him and the eager hands slid inside. Oh she was far from stopping. She couldn't she wouldn't. She was soon biting gently on his neck and sucking his flesh. Whispered words spoke to him from in his neck. Speaking his name and repeating what sounded like poetry, really was her repeating how much she loved him. Her hand squeezed him. She was still fully clothed, but very determined to have him out of his clothes first this time. She hooked his trousers with one hand and started to pull and push them down. Soon she got them low enough that she could nudge the rest loose with her legs and feet. And soon the trousers were gone. One left to go.

Javier: By the time his trousers had been discarded, it was going to be difficult to resist being swept to where he wanted to go. Where this wanted to go. He stroked the pale insides of her legs, wrapped so enticingly around his body, then gently untangled them from his torso. He turned around to face her, giving no thought of concealing himself from her. He wanted her to see him, wanted to be touched. And, at that moment, wanted her to want him. "My love," he whispered in reply to her words, not too far gone that he couldn't appreciate what she said. He slid his hands to her hips, arms pressed against her clothed sides. Arms that could crush and cradle in equal measure, however Fae wanted it. Now, of his own choosing, they enfolded her tightly for a moment, and a honey-covered voice rumbled into her ear, "I want you, Faelynn."

Faelynn: Fae wrapped her arms around his neck as he untangled himself from her grasp. She smiled, that secret, only for Javier smile. She pressed her forehead to his cheek and whispered in reply. "I want you too, Javier. More then anything right now." She pulled him in as close as she could. "I'm yours." She whispered into his ear. Pressing her legs again against his. Tangling them together. Fae reached down for a moment, letting go of her hold around his neck. She pressed his underwear down and pushed it off him. Smiling to herself she touched him, running her fingers slowly against him. Before returning her arms to around his neck. She soon leaned her head in and caught his lips. Kissing him.

Javier: White teeth, a warm tongue invading Javier's mouth, pressing firmly against her thighs, large hands holding her hips still. He brushed her clothed stomach with his fingers, wanting her to want this too. Then he let his hand creep under the waistband of her skirt, searching for the clasp he knew must be there. He imagined knowing a spell where he could just wave a wand and take everything off at once. As it was, he was speedily undressing her with his hands, touching his mouth to exposed flesh now and then. Smooth, flawless arms, interesting curves and hollows, just the right size for lips to kiss.

Faelynn: Fae leaned her head back, her hair brushed against the bed, enjoying everything his hands did to her. His lips kissing her skin. Oh she wanted this. She'd been thinking of him since the NEWTs were finished. While her future hung right there infront of her she'd been picturing Javier right by her side the whole way. She'd wanted to see him. She wanted to touch and taste him. And so she did. As he took her clothes off she pressed her lips to anything that passed her way. His forehead, his nose, his lips. Down his neck and onto his shoulders. Sucking greedily at the flesh she'd been longing for. For him. She longed for her Javier, and here he was.

Javier: The tiniest of sounds escaped him while he kissed her, pressing against warmer skin - a small sound escaped his gritted teeth as she closed in on his shoulder, imagining sharp teeth breaking the skin. He shoved all the undressed clothes to the side and out the way of the covers, almost shaking with the restraint needed to not just do it, just one, two, she was so close, but he didn't think she was in a hurry. They had all their lifetime to enjoy each other, but he was driven by a frantic haste.

Faelynn: Fae ran her nails down his back as she bit into his shoulder. She knew he liked it there. She knew it'd drive him wild, just as when he kissed her neck drove her wild. When he sucked so hard on her neck that it hurt the next day and left a mark, a mark that meant she was his and he was hers. Oooh she loved that. But right now she was completely focused on him. She bit harder, not satisfied until she'd broken his skin and that coppery taste touched her tongue. She smiled to herself as her lips turned crimson from it. Lapping gently at the wound she'd made, as one leg hooked around his back and pulled him in. "I want you, right now." She whispered, but her words were strong. She wanted him, to take her, right that very moment.

Javier: He finally took her then, strong, capable hands slid hurriedly and purposefully around her back to keep her close. Taut thighs, his full weight pushing against her, their legs wrapped around the others. The heat within them moving downwards and through, dangerously quickly already, their slick bodies faster. He was sure he was hurting her, but no, she held onto him, the way the pleasure took all the pain away. He finally bit down on her shoulder, losing an uprising muffle into her fevered skin, shuddering warmly beside her. He closed his eyes afterwards, lying with his body still entangled with hers, feeling the blood thrumming under his skin. They rolled over, and he guided her head against the crook of his shoulder, on her bed, dizzy from trying to breathe quietly.

Faelynn: Fae gasped and crooned the entire time. Whispering out things to him, but it all felt so good. Oh it felt good. She started to calm down, laying her head against his shoulder. She tucked herself as close as could be and breathed out. "Mm.." She murmured, closing her eyes. She was sweaty, but it felt so very good. Just a taste of what that week will be like, what her life will be like. She thought. What their lives will be like. She agreed with that. Settled her mind, and snuggled warmly into his welcoming embrace.

Javier: He pulled the sheets over them, draping it around their waists and held her in with his arms, fingers splayed on the back of her shoulders. A foot rubbed her toes softly under the covers, up and over the little bone at the back of her ankle, his movements slower now, languid, with his desires satisfied. There was no longer a need for haste. His back still stung from where the sharpness of her nails etched his back, but it was a glorious pain, because she had inflicted it.

Faelynn: Her thighs hurt now, from his thrusts, but it was delightful. It was a pain she loved to feel. To endure. Because it meant something to her. Now she rested though. Spent for the moment. He'd pushed her to her limits as he always did. And this wonderful, completely subdued feeling crept its way into her. She turned her head and found the crook of his neck and buried her face in there. Her legs slid along his, rubbing up and down, as her feet and his own touched, rubbing and toying with one another. One of her hands was on his arm, the other on his chest. Feeling the heat still rising from him.

Javier: For the moment Javier lay there, almost nuzzling into her cheek as she adjusted herself against him. One hand stayed on her shoulder, keeping her against him, and the other brushed to her chest, slowly caressing his fingertips on her curves. He leaned his head against hers, and caught a glimpse of one of the papers still lying on the floor, having been mercilessly abandoned in the heat of the moment. He wanted to look at them, but at the same time he didn't. He didn't want to move. "Job hunting is fun," he said after a while. "We should make this a regular occurrence."

Faelynn: "Every Night, this entire summer." She nodded. "The entire year, years, decades.. Oh I could go job hunting for centuries." She smiled just a little, that small Javier only smile. Then tucked her head back into his neck. "You were saying something about a job you'd seen that you like.. Do you remember what it was before I so sweetly distracted you away?" She kissed his neck softly, just once. For adoration's sake.

Javier: "Yes, although I'll have to start looking for it all over again." He kissed his lips to hers for a second or two, taking in the taste of that smile she gave only to him. When he pulled away from her, he looked over the side of the bed to search for his underwear, successfully locating his clothing. He hooked his legs over the side of the bed and slid the underwear on, but the rest of the clothes could wait. He went about picking up the papers, bringing them back to the bed when he had them all.

Faelynn: Fae too found her underwear and got into them, then simply pulled the covers up to her chest and watched him. She curled closer as he got all the papers together. There was plenty of room on the bed left for him. "Well, at least there was a good reason that you lost it." she toyed with a curl that had found it's way into her hair.

Javier: "Now that I can't argue with." Javier took his place by her side again, slipping under the warmth of the covers. He flicked through all the papers (there was a few of them, she must have been quite in demand) until he found the one that had caught his attention before. "I like this one. It means you'll be able to work from home if you want, so we won't end up never seeing each other. And I want to see you. I'm not going to say this is what you should do, but you did ask me what I thought. It means you can travel about with me too, when I have to go abroad. Because of the position you'd take, it means you'd have huge flexibility," Javier read out the details, then handed it over to her. He was sure she'd read it before, but he was pointing out what he liked.

Faelynn: Fae took the letter in her hands, indeed she'd read this one, a few times over. She had toyed with the idea of this one, She had liked the thought of working from home and not really having to be in one place, one work place, all the time. She nodded to his words. "I liked this one too, I just wasn't too sure about how you'd feel. I wanted to ask you before I accepted anything. Plus I was thinking of letting this summer be just summer, then accepting once fall came around." She liked the thought of free time. Lots of it. With Javier.

Javier: "This summer's going to be a decent one," Javier agreed. He thought highly of taking a few months off before starting work, and fancied he might do the same. His job was on hold for him, and the guy he was replacing didn't leave until October. Javier was supposed to trail him and learn everything from him, but he was confident enough to believe he could learn it all just by being around the senior workers in the offices.

Faelynn: "Maybe even better then last summer." Though she wondered how one could top Egypt. But to try, oh that would be wonderful. She snuggled herself warmly against him, still a bit tired. "I do think this job is the one for me." She motioned towards the letter he'd given her. "And if I do not like it, I have a stack to choose from in the end."

Javier: "There'll be the perfect one. Let's just hope it's this one." Javier held up the letter, and put it on top of the stack so it could be easily found again. He tidied the documents up neatly, pressed out the ones that had gotten creased or dog-eared, then slid them to the bedside table. "How does another trip to Egypt sound, perhaps soon, before we start work? After the first week out of here, we could go there for a couple more weeks. Perhaps a month or two. I'd like to go somewhere."

Faelynn: "Oh lets, let's go for a year and forget everything." Even if that was possible, it wasn't completely realistic. "If not that, a few weeks, a month, or two. Yes. We shall go there. And we shall lay on the beach and see more sights. And drink cool drinks in our air conditioned home." She nibbled at his cheek. "Eventually we're just going to have to buy a summer villa of some sort there. Since we do love it there so much."

Javier: "My father knows the man who owns that home we stayed in before, that one, and a lot of others around the area. Maybe we should think of buying it. I'm sure it's expensive, and he mightn't want to sell, but what's the point in having money if we don't enjoy it, or having such persuading charm when one doesn't use it. If we're going to go there often, we might as well buy it." And that, to Javier, was how simple the matter was. "I wonder if that private stretch of beach belongs to him too..."

Faelynn: "If not we could buy that too. We can afford it. And we wouldn't want the home without the beach now would we?" She laid her head back down on the pillows. "I'd absolutely love to own that home." She mentioned, it was full of memories. And that beach.. She'd remember that place the rest of her life. And she wanted to play with her children there one day, on the same sand Javier had proposed to her on. She smiled a little at the thought, as she closed her eyes.

Javier: "I'd like to buy them both, so I think we should find out about the next time we go over there. If you want it too, you shall have it," Javier concluded, brushing his hand down the curve of her cheek, down to her lips, even as she had her eyes closed. He glanced momentarily to the pile of clothes on the floor, and considered slipping away quietly. Although it wouldn't matter if anyone saw them now, it was too close to the end of the school year for them to be lectured about it. A prefect's privilege.

Faelynn: Fae reached up and took his other hand, even with her eyes closed. She pulled him closer. "Stay with me." She whispered, turning her head to press her lips to his hand. "I don't want you to go." She opened her eyes to look up into his.

Javier: Javier looked back to her, and turned his hand around so his palm lay flat against hers, their fingers gliding together. "I want to stay." He picked up the remaining clothes, both his and hers, and put them at the end of the bed. He kneeled up, and pulled the curtains around the bed, securing their hideaway. He lay back in the covers, and moved himself into the comfortable position he'd been in before he'd sat up to get the papers. Ah, now this was private. Perfect for the next few hours.

Faelynn: Fae curled back up beside him, laying her head on his shoulder. She closed her eyes again. He'd worn her out. And she was sure he knew that, and probably took pride in it. She kissed his shoulder again then relaxed fully. Her fingers locked with his.

Javier: He had to admit, he did like it when his endeavours wore her out. He liked it too when he hurt her and she enjoyed it in the process. So he lay there beside her, gently nursing the marks he'd too made on her shoulders, slowly kissing the red marks on her skin, stroking them from time to time. He may or may not have felt tired enough to sleep, but he would stay there anyway.

Faelynn: Fae slowly drifted off to sleep, not because she wanted to, she needed to. His kisses felt so nice, her dreams were sure to be bright ones. She was soon sleeping soundly in his arms and under his touch.
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