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Er, I forgot to post this ages ago, so it's being done over with now. Set whenever.

Characters: Javier/Fae
Setting: Grounds
Summary: Two-year-aniversary-dating stuff
Rating: PG

Javier waited by the wall outside the potions lessons, having stepped out from the bustle of students who were keenly walking off to the Great Hall, waiting for a certain someone to stray by. One hand was resting on the book-bag slung over his shoulder, the other deep inside his pocket, perhaps concealing something. The way that he'd watched Fae watching him in return throughout the past hour convinced him that now was definitely the time to talk to her. He hadn't been able to sit with her after his friends had pulled him off to one side, in both breakfast and lessons, and now the glances alone were enough to make him want to take full opportunity of their break. And he planned to.

Fae glanced around between groups of people. She'd been watching him today. And she knew that he knew what today is. She could see it in his eyes. She stepped out of the class room finally, preferring to wait just a little so she didn't get ran into as people trouped out of the room. Fae looked around for Javier, hoping his friends hadn't taken him to the hall with them again.

He could just tell she hadn't forgotten either. Javier waited for the hordes to go past, and when the area emptied and became a little clearer, he pressed away from the wall, crossing the small distance between them, presenting himself to her. His hand slipped around her waist, and he started to guide her down the corridor, whispering into her ear quietly enough for only her to hear. "You, my love, are in for a good day."

Fae reached her hand around and put her hand on his back, slowly stroking the material of his school shirt. Her lips turned up into a small smile, she was delighted. Finally after all this time she could have some time with him. "Really?" She whispered back. "I'm intrigued, darling." She said for only him to hear as they walked along. Keeping close and following his lead.

Javier led her through the stone maze of corridors until they came to doors that led outside, and took her through those too. He gave a look to the sky, relieved that it wasn't a muggy day. He liked rain, and storms especially, but he wasn't too discriminate of the sun and a good day either. He pulled his other hand out of his pocket, presenting what he'd had in there, casually offering her the small flower he'd been holding. It had been in his pocket the last few hours, but it hadn't lost any of its pretty goodness. He had deep pockets. "You should be. You took the lead this time last year, so I'm taking the initiative with this year." That time last year hadn't been too much of a celebration in itself, with their trip to America and his hospital visit and generally getting better from his 'unwell' period, but thankfully things weren't so hair-raisingly stressful now.

Fae took the flower from him, smiling even more as she looked from it to him. She turned it over in her fingers. How long had he had this in his pocket she wondered.. Waiting for the right time to give it to her, she brought it to her nose and smelled it while watching him as he talked. "Thank you." She said, for the flower. Which was rather touching in it's own way. "I'm wondering what you have in store." She rubbed his back a little more. Indeed, she did wonder what he was planning, and excited just to get to spend the time alone with him today. Their day.

"I can't tell you everything now. We can't do much while we sit in lessons, but after dinner, we should meet again." For now though, leaving the big things until later, he put his hand on her waist again, taking them down the path towards the lake. As they approached the lake, he let his mind loosen its hold on the thoughts he'd had lately; he'd talked to her about them in the last week, probably several times and more often than he should have, so relaxing now shouldn't prove difficult for him.

Fae didn't let her eyes leave him as they came close to the lake, and further away from any people who might have been out, she stepped in front of him, turned and planted a kiss right on his lips. She'd wanted to do that all day. And to accomplish this without pulling him down she stood on her toes. Brushing her lips softly to his.

Javier moved exactly how her hand made him, meeting her lips with his own. His hands, however, took their own control, and seemed to be comfortable settling on the curve of her hips. He pulled her against him like that for a few moments, content to give in to the moment of affection.

Fae didn't want to return to school. She preferred being where she was right there at that moment. She enjoyed the feeling there with Javier. Alone together. She ran her lips along his. Smiling to herself.

Without breaking the kiss, Javier slowly walked backwards, guiding them over to the same tree which faced over the lake, the same one that they often went to when they wanted some privacy, and somewhere to talk without the eyes of the world looking in. He pushed her against the trunk of the tree when they got there, deepening the kiss. One hand slid off her hip and took his bag strap, working it off his shoulder. It dropped to the ground with a muffled thump.

Fae curled an arm around his neck, pulling him in. Deepening the kiss as he pushed her against the tree trunk. She held the flower in that hand. Her other hand rested behind his back, gently stroking up and down it. Enjoying both the kiss and the heat of his body against hers.

With his hands and shoulders now free from any weight, he worked on the kiss with all his fervour, his arms wrapping firmly around her body with the sort of hold that showed he enjoyed it as much as he, pulling him up against him. "I like this," he muttered, when he eventually pulled away to get his breath.

Fae gasped when they finally came up for air. She leaned her head back on the tree a moment, to collect herself. "As do I.." She whispered to him. Her eyes were on him, and there was that unmistakable desire in them.

Javier leaned in to kiss her lips gently once more, like an after-kiss after his wealth of affection just then. "Do you want to sit down, or shall we remain standing for a while longer? I am open to both suggestions." His lips found her warm skin again, kissing the base of her neck, his eyes closing in the sheer indulgence he felt in having her all to himself for the next while.

Fae brushed her lips to his when he came back in, and gently as he once again left her mouth. "I'm starting to like standing.." She breathed the words out as his lips found her neck. She loved it when he kissed her neck. Her free hand trailed round to his side and squeezed it a little. Then came around and poked her fingers through the spaces between his buttons, slowly stroking his stomach. And feeling how hot his skin was..

Javier arched slightly into the sensation, her touch enticingly hot on his skin. One of his hands trailed to hers, and took it, placing their entwined hands just beside her head. "Standing is good," he murmured, even managing one of his small, genuine smiles. "This is going to be a decent day all round, I think."

"I think so too." She held his hand, linking their fingers together. Slowly her fingers stroked the back of his hand. "We'll make it better then decent, it's better then decent right now." She leaned in and brushed her lips to the side of his chin and down, kissing the side of his neck.

"I had to stop myself jumping on you right in that corridor. I would have if it wasn't for all the meddling students." Knowing Javier, he would have done that if there'd be no one else around. He gave into her kiss, enjoying his turn of being lavished. "What do you want to do?" he murmured once more, pressing their hands more firmly against the trunk as she kissed over that sensitive part of his neck.

Fae continued to kiss his neck. The pressure of his hand pushing both of theirs against the tree showed her where that place was. And focused on kissing there. "Whatever you want to do." She continued kissing him. Just enjoying the moment. Nothing needed to be set in stone, or planned for her right now.

Javier's eyes closed again with the sensations her affection was giving him. "Later... later we will think more about what to do. Are you looking forward to finding out what I have planned?" he asked that latter part in one breath, opening his eyes slowly, his body practically sloped and leaning completely against hers.

Fae gripped his side. "That I am.. What do you have planned?" She asked, pressing her lips to the lobe of his ear, and gently nibbling on it. Her fingers trailed circles on his side.

"Lots of special things," he said quietly, almost in a lazy drawl, adjusting his weight so it pushed through his shoulder against the tree instead of against her. "Want to sit down now?"

Fae nodded a little. "Lets sit down, and enjoy the time.." She squeezed both his sides and then tucked the flower behind her ear. Fixing her hair around it. She pecked his lips softly, then unleaned herself from the tree.

"Time," he repeated in that lazy tone again, his faint smile suggesting that he liked the idea of that. He nudged his bag out the way with his foot, clearing the way for them to sit down. The grass was dry from the midday sun, but he still took his jacket off and slung it across the ground, providing just enough room for two people to sit down on the tattered garment.

Fae sat down on his jacket, looking up to him, she wanted to watch him. And enjoy every move he made today, every smile he gave. Today was special, for the both of them.

"Want to get cosy?" He mused out, taking advantage of the small area of the jacket to sit on, meaning he moved up a little closer to her than he normally might have done. One hand slid onto her leg, nestling comfortably there, while the other caught his bag-strap and pulled the packed bag beside him.

"I was thinking the same thing.." She moved close, pressing herself against him. Leaning into his warmth. Her head was turned so she could look at him. And not anything else. She wrapped her arm behind his back and continued her stroking of his side.

He squeezed his fingers once on her leg, then lifted his hand up and round her shoulders, casually holding her in. He played with the end of her hair, tugging lightly, slowly twirling strands around. He kissed her on the tip of her nose, then looked down at his bag, opening it up.

Fae smiled as he kissed the tip of her nose then leaned her head on his shoulder, some of her blonde hair covered her face. Hiding her. She could smell ember on his clothes.. She loved the way he smelled. She buried her face in, smiling.

"Hey now, I want to see you." Javier curled his arm around her head, brushing back the hair out of her face and draped it over her shoulder. He took care not to knock the flower out of it.

Fae turned her head a little, exposing more of her face. She gazed into his eyes, a smile edgeing on her lips more and more. "Damned hair, always trying to hide me away." She reached up and toyed with the curls at the back of his neck..

"There's nothing damn about it. It's gorgeous..." Javier met her small smile with his own. His normal cranky self would have grumbled about her swear word, but as it was his mind was somewhere too pleasant and warm and happy than to comment on much. He half closed his eyes when she caressed around the back of his neck, especially when she touched through his hair in the way he liked, in a very peculiar submissive mood that afternoon.

Fae played with his hair, toying with the curls and sinking her fingers in to touch his scalp. She leaned forward and pressed her lips to his own. Brushing them along his.

Javier murmured something else under his breath, liking how she was making the moves to touch and kiss him. He didn't prefer that often, normally he tried to be in charge, even if he failed at that. He leaned forward into her touch, putting more pressure on her fingers into his scalp. Soon enough he looked like he might lie down altogether, but he simply leaned against her instead, finally dropping the strap of his bag. All the other magazines and oddities he'd filled his bag with could wait.

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