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Who: Chester Jones and Abigail Harrington
Where: Slytherin Common Room
What: Talking about how Angelina punched him, and what is to be done about it
Rating: PG
Note: Err, kind of late o_O;;

Chester sat in the common room, slightly aggravated and not being able to concentrate on his book. His jaw still throbbed slightly but at least the swelling had gone down. Realising that he had just read the same paragraph three times over, he sighed and snapped his book shut, throwing it onto the ground.

Sitting in front of her mirror, Abigail was bored. She sighed and got up, moving towards the door and descending the stairs slowly, deliberately with that elegant way of moving she had. "Chester?" said Abigail, seeing the back of a boy's head.

Chester turned his head, and his aggravated look disappeared. He smiled, and gestured for her to come over. "Abigail." He replied, pulling up a chair for her.

"What happened to your face?" Abigail asked, taken aback and stopping in her tracks. She gave him a confused look before sitting down next to him, raising a hand to touch his face gingerely.

Chester's brow furrowed into a deep from. "A Ravenclaw called you a slut. I got defensive and dealt out some insults...and she punched me. Stupid bitch," he said stiffly, and giving a light shrug.

Abigail wrinkled her nose. Someone had the guts to call her a SLUT? They were just jealous, because Chester was so goodlooking. Smirking and rolling her eyes briefly, she took Chesters chin her hand gently and looked at the damage. "You shouldn't get so worked up. She's probably just in love with you, or something."

"Well, bully for her. I'm taken." Chester's frown relaxed, and he gave a small smile. "Only by the best girl at Hogwarts, for that manner." He added with a sly wink.

Abigail giggled appreciatively, releasing his chin and reaching for his hand instead. "Which Ravenclaw, exactly?" She asked sweetly, gears almost visibly turning behind her eyes.

Chester entwined their fingers together, stroking the palm of her hand softly with his thumb. "A 7th year...I've only seen her around recently, I think she came here from somewhere else, but then again she looks familiar. She plays Quidditch. ...someone Ashton. Ally? Uh, no...Abby? No..Ang..Angelina! Angelina Ashton."

"Ugh. A quidditch player. How do you know her?" Abigail asked, leaning back into the couch and shooting a quick look sideways.

"She was 'tanning' by the lake. Wearing virtually nothing. I couldn't help but comment." Chester shrugged, shifting over to give her more room.

"Is she fat?" Abigail asked, looking at him a little suspiciously. She didn't like the idea of Chester looking at any other girls, especially half clothed ones.

"No, quite slim. Blonde, too. She was wearing a black bikini." Chester mused, trying to remember. He had been quite distracted by the fact she was pummelling his head.

Abigail made a small, displeased sound and retracted her hand. She got jealous easily. Especially when she knew she was better than some muscly, BLONDE, Ravenclaw. "I see."

Chester rolled his eyes lightly at her, sliding his arm around her waist. "Don't be like that. The sight of her was vulgar to me."

"Good," replied Abigail, still sounding sullen. Stiff against his touch, she was obviously fishing for compliments and reassurance.

Leaning forward and giving her a light, affectionate kiss on her neck, he whispered,"Don't worry, I will make sure she won't forget me. She made herself an unfortunate enemy."

Abigail hid her small smile and leaned against him. "Good, then. I might have to have a talk to her."

Chester's mouth spread into a smirk. "Oh, I'm sure you will. Be nice." Of course, be 'be nice' he meant quite the opposite.

"I will," Abigail replied in a sweet tone, her face angelic but her eyes calculating and planning a bitch fest. "Aren't I always?"

He kissed the tip of her nose, still clutching her hand. "But of course." Chester gave a slight chuckle, and pulled her in closer to him.

Abigail gladly cuddled closer to him, feeling really quite smug this silly Quidditch girl didn't get to experience this. "So, what exactly did she say about me, Chester?"

"In her words, she told me to fuck myself because that was the only was I was ever going to get 'pussy', how that was meant to make sense I know not - and called you a slut. I distincly remember that word for I reacted quite badly to it." Chester drummed his fingers lightly across her arm.
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