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Characters: Daniel Chambers and Tari Caplin
Setting: Common Room and Corridors
Summary: Daniel apoligises to Tari for recent bad behaviour, then explains what happened while they go for a walk.
Rating: G

The radio in the common room blurted some unfamiliar tune as Daniel stood at the bottom of the staircase, out of sight to anyone else in the room and his hand behind his back. He sighed and tossed back his hair that needed a good comb already. Daniel hoped Tari had read his letter and decided to turn up to where he said he wanted to meet her. It would take him a while to get used to saying sorry but he hadn't realised it would be quite this difficult. It was a good thing he didn't have many friends, because they would've made fun of him for it. Too many enemies had been made and he hadn't heard from Haden again. He hadn't been expecting to apoligise again but it had all been on the spur of the moment. Daniel was looking forward to talking with Tari again even if the mood had been filled with tension.

Tari had gotten the letter that morning, and despite her skepticism, she chose to meet him, if only to tell him what an idiot he had been. Of course, she'd told him that the day after he'd let it slip that he was responsible for her brother's attack. However, since the more recent talk with her brother which had resulted in him saying he didn't care if she talked to Daniel or not, she decided no harm could come from this, from finding out what was going on with Daniel. So she stepped down the stairs into the common room, meeting him at the foot of them. She wasn't going to be easily pushed into being on good terms with him once more, but she would listen.

Daniel brought his hand out from behind his back and presented what he'd been hiding. It was a single rose. It was red in colour until moved into the light where it developed a pink sheen on the silken petals. "You like flowers, right? I mean, you're a girl, you must like flowers."

"I can see that your interpersonal skill-set with girls needs a little development." Tari swept her eyes down to the flower, skimming her fingers over the soft petals. He might have had a blunt way with his words, but she could appreciate the well-meant gesture.

"Are you going to take it? I look a right pansy walking around carrying flowers." Daniel managed a smile so she wouldn't think he was being arrogant.

"Thank you. It's beautiful." She was telling the truth, she liked beautiful things. Beautiful things and anything she could keep. Tari took the rose, holding it to her while she looked at him, checking over him. "I see you haven't done anything with that hair of yours yet."

"I haven't brushed it for weeks." Daniel ran his hand over his hair again now the attention was on it.

"I can see you've washed it, at least." Tari could see that his hair was short enough for very low maintenance, but she reasoned that maybe he wasn't taking care of himself in the way he used to. Ah, what was she talking about his hair for? Keeping the conversation from turning on herself, she supposed. As well as being honestly concerned for him.

"Got to take care of myself haven't I. Can we talk, Tari?"

Tari looked at him, and saw he was sincere, and any look of arrogance was gone, so she agreed. "I'm going to put this up in my room, and then we'll talk."

"I'll wait for you here."

Tari turned and went up to her dorm, finding a small vase that would hold a single rose. She filled it with water and placed the stem into the vase, watching the petals shimmer pink. Leaving it on her bedside cabinet, she headed back downstairs to Daniel's side.

Daniel stayed true to his word and waited for her in the same place. He held his arm out to her, dressed in a scruffy t-shirt and jeans, which was nothing impressive.

Tari accepted his arm, placing her hand through it, feeling the warmth of his exposed arm under her hand. She enjoyed his warmth perhaps a little more than she should have done under the circumstances. "Shall we walk the corridors?"

"We shall walk the corridors, yes." Daniel ignored any looks given to them. He held her hand closely to him and went out the common room into the corridors like she'd said.

"I have been meaning to ask you," Tari said, "why did you do it to him? I know you confided in me before that Lucius asked you to for some reason, and my brother told me the same, but apart from that I don't know why. What was so important that needed you to keep him quiet?" The words felt cruel from Tari's mouth, but it didn't mean she was turning her back on her brother. It was the opposite, she wanted to know because she cared.

"I can't tell you. I told Lucius I wouldn't. Your brother doesn't want to tell and believe me you're best not knowing."

"I'm a big enough girl to be trusted," Tari pointed out, watching him carefully. However, she understood that sometimes secrets needed to stay that way, and if it stopped any more fights then she wouldn't persist in finding out.

"This is what I'll tell you." Daniel then went on to explain about the fights and what was said, how he'd seen Haden in Hogsmeade, and when he and Javier went there in search of Haden. He repeated what he'd told Javier that day in Hogsmeade and what was said when Javier had become drunk. Basically anything and everything except for the precise reason why Lucius had said he was causing trouble.

Tari listened as he spoke, letting him lead her through the dungeon corridors. Much of what he revealed made sense, and she resolved to be content with what he said. "I see. I didn't realise you held so much hate towards him. Perhaps it would be better for us not to discuss this. It sounds to me that you two need to talk about this."

"I don't need to talk to him about anything. It's finished." Daniel was relieved to talk about this and was surprised that Tari hadn't pushed him away by now. Could she tell there was more to it than simply hating him for the sake of it? "What's been going on for you Tari?" Daniel quickly changed the subject.

Tari could tell there was more to this, but he'd told her this much, it wasn't the time to inquire further. Part of her was still angry at him for what he'd done, but this was not her fight to take part in too deeply. "The usual. Studying and avoiding the typical drama that this school likes to engage in."

"There's nothing wrong with drama in its right space and size. Wouldn't you like some drama?" Daniel very slightly teased looking down at Tari, pushing aside his rugged fringe.

"Is that an offer?"

"Do you want it to be?"

"I might, if you answer that question first."

"Was that an offer, yes." Daniel had enough drama to last him another year but he was thinking of a different type of drama. The type of drama that didn't mean fists and blood and pain.

"Then behave, and maybe I'll think up some drama for us to occupy ourselves with." Tari smiled briefly, but she was also being serious. "Only if you behave and promise not to get into any trouble."

"Now would I get into any trouble."


"It's not my fault. It just happens."

"Perhaps we should go back to the common room before you find some more trouble to get into... let's go."

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