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When everyone headed to the pitch to get good seats for the game, the atmosphere was humming. Everyone wished their team good luck before the match, calls from the stadium erupted in supportive cheers. The stands were divided by those with red and gold banners, those with green and silver, and some with neither. Some of the Gryffindors had large lion hats on, ones that the creative students had made - with snakes in the mouth which, when the string was pulled, looked like the lion was chewing on the snake. There were many who openly laughed at them, but that didn't matter to them; just seeing the smiles from their house-mates and the scowls from the Slytherins were enough to make their day. Everyone knew about the rivalry between the two teams, and they were looking forward to a fantastic game, one worthy enough to see the last Hogwarts game of a few of the seventh years.

By one-fifteen the stands were full with nearly every student; some of the only ones missing from the stands were the ones playing the game. Professor McGonagall sat in the announcer's box; showing her pride in her house team with her Gryffindor rosette pinned to her normally strict black robes. Nervil, who never wore any bright colours unless a potion of some sort exploded on him, sat a foot or two away from her, as though to be brushed with any red rosette or golden flag would be a mistake.

Madam Hooch blew her whistle to signal for the teams to proceed onto the pitch; the Slytherin team flew out first, and the announcer called out their names as they flew out around the field.

"Good afternoon students and professors; welcome to the Gryffindor VS. Slytherin match. I'm your announcer, Jonathan Bell from Gryffindor. Here we have the Slytherin team: Malfoy, Jones, Black, Rosier, Jugson, MacNair and Higgs."

As the Gryffindor team flew around the pitch, Jonathan Bell could be heard to call out the names of the Gryffindor team: "And now the Gryffindor team: Black, Dobbs, Williams, McDonald, Dracoin, Jenkins and Poootteeer."

"Captains shake hands," ordered Madam Hooch, the umpire for this game. Sirius and Lucius reached out to shake hands, fingers secretly gripped in a tight lock, each showing that they were not going to give into the other. Madam Hooch gave the order to mount their brooms, and blew her whistle for the game to begin.

The Quaffle was thrown into the air, the other balls released; fourteen players flew to the sky, and the epic game began. Each player speeded to their place in the air; McDonald could hear Jonathan's voice fading as he shot high into the sky, as he made a lap around the pitch looking for the snitch.

"Dobbs has the Quaffle and look at the girl go -- he passes the Quaffle to Potter -- watch that bludger Potter -- he dodges the bludger and is he going to score -- yes! Potter has scored."

"Jones has the Quaffle -- he passes to Rosier -- Roiser tries to pull a fake out but Black has blocked the goal -- great job Black. He seems to be doing much better than last year."

Jugson and MacNair were relentless with the bludgers, with their powerful frames and brute strength they were plowing the bludgers at every Gryffindor they could. The game was intense as both teams reached for the hoops. Higgs managed to defend a fair few scores, and the chasers on both teams were playing like well oiled machines; it was difficult to say who was keeping more possession of the quaffle, but Slytherin just had the lead on it, and they wanted to keep it that way.

"Williams with the Quaffle -- wait, Rosier has grabbed the Quaffle again and is heading for the goal -- Dracoin and Jenkins are welding those bludgers like they're balloons -- he passes to Jones and he scores."

"Rosier regains control of the Quaffle -- he passes to Jones who passes to Black -- and he tries to pass it back to Rosier, but he misses, and James Potter snatches the Quaffle and gets it past Higgs for another goal. The score stands at 120-90.

At one point during the game, the members of Slytherin house tried to spook the Gryffindor players with calling-chants, which succeeded in Sirius Black frustratingly letting in a goal, but it simmered out after that, and made him even more determined to keep the Quaffle away from his goal posts. McDonald kept his pace up; flying around the pitch stopping every now and then looking for the snitch; Malfoy kept his distance but tailed McDonald around the pitch. The Gryffindor beaters were doing a great job keeping the bludgers away from their players; Jenkins hit a bludger and knocked MacNair into a spin; which caused him to loose control of his broom and crash into the tower where some of the professors were sitting. He was carried off the field on a stretcher, and sent to the hospital wing; Malfoy called a time out, and complained to his team. They would have to play with only one beater.

Madam Hooch blew her whistle for them to get back into the air; they flew off to their posts to ready themselves for a rougher game. Forty-five minutes into the game Sirius Black called a time out for his team; they took quick drinks of water while she gave them a pep talk.

"OK team, the score right now it 150-110, in their favour." Sirius swung his arm around James' shoulder, indicating for everyone to listen "Everyone, you're doing well; keep up what you're doing. James. Dobbs, you're doing great; let's put into play that new play that I spent all last moth perfecting - they won't be expecting that one. McDonald, all I can say to you is get that snitch and let's end this game so we can celebrate already. Do what you have to do. Alright let's get back out there and win this match."

McDonald knew that Malfoy had been scanning for the snitch while Sirius was talking to the team, but what Malfoy didn't know was that he was doing the same thing. He listened to Sirius, but kept his eyes to the sky and the stands. Just as Sirius said "win this match," he saw the snitch hovering at the back of Malfoy's right boot. Mcdonald flew up into the air, and acted like he was looking for the snitch. When Madam Hooch blew the whistle, he shot towards the Slytherin goal posts.

"Potter is in possession of the Quaffle -- and Jugson sends a bludger at Potter -- Potter -- drops the Quaffle and Rosier catches and speed off -- Rosier passes to Jones -- Jones passes to Rosier -- Look at them fly -- I've never see a move like that before -- Rosier scores!"

"Potter takes the Quaffle and heads for the Slytherin goals -- Jugson tries to take him out with a bludger -- good save by Jenkins -- Dobbs passes to Williams and Williams passes to Potter -- and he scores."

Malfoy shot after McDonald, hearing more cheers as the game played behind him, but didn't stop to see whose side it was from. Just as he reached the tail end of McDonald's broom, McDonald saw the snitch dart past; he turned again and headed towards the other end of the field, urging his broom to go faster. Malfoy laid his body flat on the broom, and tried to turn to fast, but his broom went into a spiral dive. He was able to pull out of the dive just before he crashed into the ground. He put the speed into his broom trying to catch up with McDonald and the snitch. Before Malfoy had the chance to catch the Comet broom, McDonald groped for the snitch, praying, hoping, urging his hands to connect with the golden ball. With a final lunge forward, his finger curled and wrapped around the golden snitch, and he let out a resounding whoop as he raised his free hand and punched the air in celebration.

"And would you look at that, McDonald has caught the snitch; Gryffindor has won the match with a final score of 180-310! It's going to be hard to take the cup away from Gryffindor this year; party in the great hall!"

"Mr. Bell, there will be no party in the great hall; do I make myself clear young man?"

"Yes ma'am!"

While the crowd roared in celebration or defeat, as the Gryffindor team threw down their brooms and cartwheeled and whooped with cheers that could be heard all through the stadium, Dumbledore smiled softly.

"Minerva, I do believe that all the houses want to celebrate with the team on their win; I do believe that we can let them have an hour or two this afternoon. It is a celebration that is wanted and need by the students."

"Thank you sir."

"You are welcome Mr. Bell, and I do believe that you have to spread the word to the other students about the celebration."

"Yes sir."

"Albus, do you think it wise?" McGonagall said quietly, wincing as Bell yelled out the details of the party through the loudspeaker."

"Minerva, they are to enjoy their victory while they are still her. I can only hope it will be a united front with all of the houses." Dumbledore said no one on the matter, and smiled once more at the glory of one of the best Quidditch matches Hogwarts had seen.

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