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Characters: Angelina and Daniel
Setting: Grounds outside, evening
Summary: One heck of a first meeting - starts off as a passionate clinch and ends up with some thoughtful friendly talk
Rating: PG

Daniel sat by the edge of the lake, away from the castle and enjoying it. Life within those walls could have been going more smoothly, put it that way. Derek tried to make sure he wouldn't come into his dormitory, and whenever he did he gathered up his papers and made an obvious attempt to hide them. Something was afoot. Lucius was watching him like a hawk, which led Daniel to the untimely conclusion that the Malfoy had, he decided, lost his last thread of sanity. Fallen off the barrel. A book short of a plot. His cheese had finally slid off his cracker. Whatever expression. Daniel let himself fall back on the grass, his hands clenched by his head, looking up at the dreary sky. It was barely past dinner time and the sun was trying its hardest to break through for the evening, but the muggy clouds refused to move and kept it from warming the air. He hoped it didn't rain.

Angelina had been flying at the pitch for a better part of the day, now she was going for a walk most of her week had been nothing short of ups and downs. But she wasn't about to let everything that had happened bother in the least. The sky was looking quite dreary and she had a feeling it was going to rain. Angelina liked lightening storms however the way the sky looked it would be nothing but rain. Angelina made her way to the lake she thought she had left a book there earlier. When she was studying before she went to fly at the pitch. That was when she saw Daniel, she didn't exactly know him that overly well, but she did know who he was and the house he was in. Just hoped that if she decided to actually speak to him it wouldn't be like her last experince. Last thing she need was to punch another Slytherin, she didn't anything against them. The fact that Chester had insulted her and grabbed her was the only was she punched him in the jaw. Angelina decided she would be polite and say hello whether or not he responded back was another thing. she walked over to him but didn't get to close she didn't want to invade his space, "Looks like it is going to rain."

Daniel's eyes had closed, but they slowly opened when he heard someone rustling the grass nearby. Someone walking toward him. Or in his direction anyway. He wasn't a nervous person by heart, exactly the opposite actually, but there was no harm in being prepared. Over the last few weeks he'd be foolish not to be. The female voice dimmed his suspicion straight away. Girls could be handled easily. He didn't know many who would slam him against a wall and knock his block off. But to his knowledge there were no girls at that time who meant him ill harm. "I hope not. That would mean getting up and finding a drier spot, and where's the fun in that." Daniel hunched his shoulders up, pushing off the ground to see who the invader of his peace was. Greeted by a Ravenclaw. One he'd seen on the pitch before.

"True, but were would you go?" Angelina teased lightly, "Nothing is wrong with a little rain, then again if you are avoiding going inside that could be another story." She walked a little closer to him. She watched him closely to try to read ny sighs of him wanting her to go away. "Sorry to disturb you, I could leave you if you so desire, Daniel isn't it or would you prefer I address you by your last name?" Angelina wasn't exactly afraid of Slytherins, she respected them. Her father was in Slytherin so she knew better she just hoped this Slytherin wouldn't be so insulting and disrespectful as her last encounter. She did however find Daniel very attractive, and she might have little is slip by a little in the way she look at him.

"Daniel." He said clearly and firmly. Nicknames were not his thing these days. His interest perked as she walked over to be closer, nothing too much given to betray that thought. A cant became to his head when he observed the way she looked at him, a discreet smirk touching his face. "I was avoiding going inside." Hinting in a voice that said maybe there was something better outside. "Yet now I think about it there's nowhere of much interest to go in there."

"I totally get it, I tend to spend a fair amount of my time outside." Angelina smiled as she walked close enough to him that wasn't too close but distant enough to give him space. "Well, Daniel my name is Angelina, just incase you wanted to know." She took a chance and sat down a few feet away from him. "Perhaps we could do what ever it takes to avoid going inside come rain or sunshine, unless you are afraid of getting a little wet, your not afraid are you?" Angelina teased lightly and by the way she was looking at him it wasn't completely obvious she was flirting she was being a little subtle. She was in a flirty mood but she wasn't going throw herself at him either. He had a reason to avoid going in side and if she could give him more of a reason to stay outside all the better.

"I'm not afraid of that, and I dabble in it from time to time." Daniel's smirk broadened in depth when it seemed that she'd decided to stick around. Angelina. The name definitely rang familiar and so did the face, maybe the face more than the name so far. "It sounds like the prefect remedy for everything that I've been trying to avoid."

"Is that so, I think so too." Angelina smirked, "Tell me Daniel what would you like to dabble in first?" She pulled down her hair which at the time had been up. Angelina took a deep breath and she got up and decided to move a little closer to him she felt as if he wouldn't mind at all. As she sat down she tucked a strain behind her ear, "It's your choice."

"Maybe I should let you decide." Daniel observed her movements when she let down her hair, watching closely as if he were in thought. A remedy was what he needed. Indeed. He reached over, brushing a trail of hair over her shoulder exposing her neck to him, rubbing his thumb on the gentle arch of her shoulder blade. Subtle had its good moments, and he didn't think she was only taking to him for a certain reason, yet he felt she wouldn't push him away at his bold touch. "I'm open-minded like that."

Angelina smirked lightly, "Oh are you? Well then... why waste time talking or dancing any further on the subject..." Angelina first thoughts weren't to flirt with him however she didn't mind flirting or kissing him in the least. However, finally Angelina brushed her lips against his.

The hand that rubbed his thumb on her shoulder blade slid around to take the back of her neck when she moved in, hair sliding between his fingers holding her in for the kiss. Daniel didn't mind how quickly this was happening, he even liked it this way. Kissing back, he parted his mouth from hers not leaving much space between them. He could feel her breath brushing against his cheek.

Angelina's eyes closed as her hand came to the back of his head her lips parting deepening the kiss and her body close to his. She didn't mind in the least how quickly things were going, her body was leaning back a bit. If she ended up on the ground and him on her kissing her she wouldn't complain in the least. Her lips parted as she pulled back a bit, looking at him taking a deep breath slightly biting the corner of her lip. She smirked as she licked the top of her lip, just as she did she slightly grabbed him by his shirt kissing him again. Her sexuality was getting turned up she couldn't decide if she was going to take control or let him have it. If she took it she would climb on top and press her body close to his as she kissed him. Last thing on Angel's mind was the possible rain storm or anything else for that matter. Daniel was the only thing she cared about at the moment.

Whatever she thought about taking control or not, Daniel seemed to have his own opinion and desires about it. He followed them without asking her first. When she pulled his shirt he let himself do what he wanted to, and pressed his chest to hers forcing her down onto the ground underneath him. Maybe in a suggestive position if she wanted to take it that way. The part of his brain that wasn't getting taken over by the desire to be with this spirited girl told him to find out what she wanted before going too far. But still when at other times he would have gone slower, he was pleased by the rate of their embracing. Pleased he didn't have to bother with the romanticising which other girls seemed to demand first before so much as a kiss. Daniel's hands pinned down on her shoulders, invigorated by the warmth of her hands on his shirt.

Angelina had never let things go further than a kiss before she was further in a relationship, but where did that get her? Something about Daniel drove her to want and desire to see where this was going to go and she wasn't about to stop it either. Her body was ache for him right now and his touch she wanted and desired him. As he forced her to the ground she smiled into the kiss as she raised her her hips to his moving so that she was positioned to let him know she wasn't planning on stopping this. Angelina with his hands now on her shoulders her hand was still on his shirt her lips moved to his neck, as she kissed his neck lightly her hand toyed with the opening of his shirt touching his chest. Things seemed to be moving quit fast between them, and she wasn't going to complain either.

Daniel breathed in at the feel of her hand touching his chest. He kissed her forehead as firmly as could be done without hurting her. He didn't mind pain, he found it thrilling, but he wasn't about to scare her off with it.

Angelina smirked lightly at the kiss as she kissing his neck lightly, it didn't take long before she started to nip at his neck. She was not stranger to pain her last boyfriend slightly enjoyed it, and she didn't mind it as long as it wasn't to harsh. Little pain never hurt anyone, and she was kind of use to it. Angelina lifted herself slightly off the ground pressing her lower half of her body roughly against his as she pulled her top off. After her top was already off she started to pull on his kissing him roughly against his lips. One feeling started to rise in her a part of her was wanting to control him, but the other part was begging for him to show her control. Angelina had never been so silent as she was beign with Daniel she normally would make some sort of comment. Then again she was in a relationship, and Daniel wasn't like the guys in her past really. She did wonder how ever how private he was about this sort of thing, and if he would want to move it else where to make sure no one saw.

Daniel stroked her hips and felt the bare flesh under his hands. Her skin was warm and tempting. He ached to touch her, and held her down while his hand moved up to her chest now uncovered. So driven by the heat of the moment had he been, he only now began to think about what it was he was really doing. He had more respect for ladies than this. And for all he knew she might scream at him about commitment or how this meant something more, like girls had done to him before, the hassle of which he just did not need at that time of his life. The thought was enough to make his caressing slow down. He looked down at her, his heart still stirring from the pace they were going, and his hand pressing against her breasts. Had he merely gotten caught up in the attention of someone seemed to want him? He didn't like to think so but it was closer to the truth than he dared to admit.

Angelina looked up at him it seemed as if the intense moment between them had slowed down and started to pass. She was still a bit foggy with what was going on but she took notice to Daniel as she leaned up and kissed him softly on his lips before whispering, "Is everything alright?" Angelina deep down couldn't believe she was so close to having sex with Daniel she barely kne whim it wasn't like her to do so. Part of her didn't care at the moment but deep down she knew it would be a mistake, she wouldn't regret it later but she wouldn't plan on doing it again.

"I don't know why I'm doing this." Daniel sat up, gently sliding off her body. He could see in her eyes she thought it would be a mistake. "Everything is fine. I'm not on top of the world but I can't complain otherwise."

"I swear I am not like this normally... you are an amazing kisser and I could get lost in the moment." Angelina grabbed her shirt and put it back on. She ran her fingers through her hair. "Not that I wouldn't have minded allowing this go further... we both probably been yeah." Angelina sighed, "It seems like we both aren't normally like this... you don't seem like the type to wished you hadn't done this.. but it would be a possibly mistake... a good one maybe but.." Angelina looked at him, "If you want to go further i have no problem finishing what I started... it's just not like me.. go a far has we have with someone I wasn't in a relationship with." Angelina took a deep breath as she looked down everything seemed to have halted in that moment like the world had stopped everything was clearer than before. She just hoped Daniel didn't think she was an idiot and wanted to curse her and run away as fast as he could regretting ever kissing her or flirting like he had.

Daniel's face had threatened to fall into one of a frown at his own rapid actions, but her comment about his kissing potential brought it right back up into one of a satisfied smile. Satisfied, yes, but not arrogant. "It's not like me either to go so far without really liking the girl. I mean I have no reason to not like you, and I'm sure you're not the easy type, but you know what I mean, I guess?" This wasn't a good time to be digging himself an even bigger hole than he already had. She wasn't slytherin, so that was a successful start in keeping his inner-house friendships intact. Not the same successful start in his outer-house friendships. It wasn't like he went out of his way to avoid other houses. It was because he didn't stray around slytherin very often let alone going to all the other houses too.

"Thank you for not thinking I am easy." Angelina laughed softly, "No worries, at least we knew each others names that is a plus." Angelina was now adjusting her hair so it didn't seem questionable. Angelina stating calmly and quietly, "This will stay between us. It is no one elses business." It was something her father had taught her. Most Slytherins were private with encounters or anything they did. They were the most trusting either. Angelina then added to her last statement, "I don't expect you to trust me or believe I will keep private things private but I will."

Daniel sat back in the grass on his behind, pressing his shirt down and ironed out the creases which frantic hands had made. Frantic hands and frantic students. Something about that made him smile a little. But not frantically, this time. This time his small smile was casual. "I'd like if it stayed between us. I know how gossips are. Give them an inch with anything that occurs, and they they'll take a foot. "I don't have anything to lose by anyone knowing so I'll trust you."

Angelina nodded as she looked out at the lake. Her thoughts were not only on about what had just happened but a few other things. "The gossips here are nothing left to be desired, lord only know what they said when I mysterious disappeared and then reappeared a year or so later." Angelina laughed softly. Daniel seemed pretty decent she hoped he was good on his word on keeping this private. Time would only tell if he was going to keep it between them.

"Maybe they thought you'd been taken by some alien invasion. I hear that can happen." He wasn't being serious, clearly, but it was better than storming off like other guys might. His pride was still intact and undamaged. It wasn't worth adding one more thing on his list of worries over this. "Why did you disappear, if you don't mind me asking?" Daniel leaned forward, wrapping his arms around his legs. "More to the point, why did you come back? Of all the places to disappear and return to, you could have chosen somewhere more exotic."

Angelina laughed at his alien invasion remark and shook her head, "You never can tel." Angelina tucked a fallen strand of hair behind her ear and then turned to him once more. Angelina thought for a slight moment wondering how he would react seeing how it was death eaters. She didn't judge him because he was a slytherin she didn't know if he was or was, and she wasn't about to accuse him of being one."Well, my mother and father were attack by death eaters and my mother died as for my father he was in a comma." Angelina paused for a moment she sighed softly and looked towards the sky as if she was thinking about something. "I was later attacked when after months when I was finally able to visit my father. After which my mothers parents snatched me up without word or letting me say good-bye. I wasn't even allowed to take my things with me." Angelina turned to him, "I was in Australia all this time it took some getting use to. I was depressed for the longest time. I had left my friends my boyfriend who I was maybe possibly in love with. I missed my friends and my things. It sucked that I couldn't write anyone, as for why I came back. My father woke up out of his coma and demanded I was to return home. He was pissed I was taken from the safety Hogwarts. I am sure he still pissed at my mothers parents." Angelina smiled at him, "It was beautiful there I wouldn't mind so much playing quidditch and living there. Honestly, I think I would have preferred to finish there. It has been a bit hard coming back, it has been a bit more stressful being back here."

Daniel listened to her tale of what had gone on over the last year. The most he could say about it was that it made him take a different perspective on how his life was going. What was worse, feeling shoved out by the two people he'd thought of as parents since for as long as he could remember, or her parents being attacked and losing one of them. It wasn't like it was a competition at all, not at all. Yet it sounded like these two had something of the same in common, in their own different ways. "That's harsh... Life doesn't sound boring for you. Your dad's ok now, right? Wish you were still there?"

"Boring? Not in the least. As for my father, yeah he is he is livid with my grandparents for snatching me away, which is odd he ripped me back out of a life I was starting to get use to. Wish I was still there, part of me does, as far as it goes with my friends here everything has changed.. we aren't the same people. Heck even my ex boyfriends have changed one for the good the other is a bastard now." Angelina took a deep breath, "Enough about me, I wouldn't want to bore you now." She looked up at the sky then back at him smiling playfully, "So care to share anything with me? You don't have to if you don't want to."

Daniel listened to her and thought about how lifestyles did change, even when the person wasn't around. "But is it always bad coming back to a life that's now different?" Daniel sounded like he was taking what she had said and was applying it to his own situation. "Sometimes a worse feeling than everything changing, is coming back to a life that hasn't changed at all, where people still say the same jokes, still play in the same old Quidditch team, kids still play the pranks they were pulling years ago. It's like you've lived a part of your life where something huge changed, yet when you return to a part of your life, it's like nothing changed, like you'd never gone through that transformation, because everything seems like it always was for others." Daniel's gaze had dropped to the grass when he was talking, then looked up when he'd finished. "Sometimes it's healthy to make new friends and move with the times. Don't look back. Don't ever look back. That's all anyone can do."

Angelina sat there in silence for a moment thinking then she looked at him and smiled, "You sound as if you understand somehow." She looked into his eyes and smiled, "It is funny you know, when I came back there was maybe two people from my life before everything changed. The others basically shut me out accuse me of things I wasn't even doing." Angelina looked out at the lake then back at him. "I am not looking back, but I wonder where I would be if the things that happened had never happen. When I was in Australia I was so lost, I fell in to a dark place. I had been cut off from everything I had known. Yes it was a wizarding school I was at but it was different." Angelina leaning back on her hands, "I am all for making new friends, and lifes changes. I just hope I am at least a little more prepared for what ever life hands me. What about you?"

"The same for me. After my experience of life, I'm prepared for anything. I haven't had a disastrous time of it, don't get me wrong, but it's been hectic. I've learned how to get my feet planted on the ground and keep them there no matter what's going on around. I find it a perfect way to cope with the upcoming exams." Exams. He didn't want to think too much about those.

Angelina nodded, "Yeah I understand that but I prefer to fly in the air. My life might be grounded my soul flies. I spend a lot of my time at the pitch you know, it is what makes me cope as you put it. Something out flying or sitting in the stands helps me get perspective."

"That's where I like to spend my time too. On the pitch everything else doesn't seem so bad anymore. I'll say hello if I see you out on the pitch. We could play a game sometime. Not many girls in my house play, so I'll look forward to some female company of the pitch." Daniel stretched his legs out then propped his body up with his arms meaning to get up soon. He rubbed his neck and pushed up some more.

"I would like that very much so, I need a challenge and nothing against my house but some of the members are hardly what I would call a challenge, and most of the members on my team are females anyways. I think I shall take you up on that." Angelina took a deep breath, "Thank you Daniel, it really has been a pleasure and refreshing to have some one knew and understanding to talk to." Angelina smiled as she stretched out a bit herself, "We probably should head in, see you around sometime? If you ever need someone to talk to or play quidditch with I am just a owl away." Angelina laughed softly as she got up and walked over to the bench sure enough the book she had originally came to fetch was there. "My book, I left it here earlier."

"You know where to find me if you want to talk again. Actually, you probably don't but I'm sure your owl will find me. Give me a challenge and you won't see me back down from it." Daniel got off the grass. His jeans were stained a bit green but it didn't matter to him much. He brushed off the blades of grass sticking to him. They fell to the ground and were squashed when he stepped on them as he walked. "There's a book of my own I want to finish. The need for studying isn't going to go away no matter how much I wish it would. I'm going to take a run so I won't go in just now. Pleasure talking to you. Don't keep away too long." Daniel smiled enough to be seen and began heading off in another direction where he could catch up on his exercise. He left feeling surprisingly better for talking.

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