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Who: James Potter and Lily Evans
Where: Common Room, then back in James' dorm
When: 1am in the morning
Summary: In a tired state James tries to get into the girls' dorms and causes a bit of noise in the process. Lily investigates, and it ends up as a bit of a love-fest
Rating: PG 13+

It was well past lights out and James Potter was lying on his back in the boy's dorm. Unable to sleep, although surprising tired, James stumbles to his feet and tiptoes out of the dorm. Deciding to surprise his new girlfriend and perhaps get a late night cuddle, he sneaks towards the stairs of the girls dorm. In a temporary lapse of memory, he begins up the stairs without a thought that he was just about to be thrown back down them. A loud, surprised yelp escaped from him and he landed heavily at the bottom of the steps, cursing angrily aloud.

Lily blinked awake, swearing she had heard something outside the dorms. The rest of the girls were also up, looking around sleepily, all curious as to what was going on but afraid to go investigate. Lily sighed and threw the covers off her, knowing that if she didn't go down there, then no one would... it was like she was in the middle of a bunch of girls or something. Honestly. Cautiously, she cracked open the dorm door and peered around the edge. There, much to her surprise, she saw James, cursing up a storm and laying on his back. She blinked and stepped out from the door's protection. "Um.. James?" she asked, not sure of what he was doing.

James looked at her sheepishly, quickly getting to his feet. "Bloody...I was going for an innocent walk...and I just...I was within 10 metres of the bloody thing...no, more than that...and the stairs just jumped at me...I er..." James rubbed the back of his neck, and then shrugged. "Okay, so I came to see you. And yes, I'm weel aware of the protection on the girls dorms. Memory lapse."

Lily stifled an amused laugh behind her hand, aware that there were still people trying to sleep. Gaining control of herself, she raised her eyebrow and walked down the stairs to him, hands on her hips. "Memory lapse, huh? Sounds to me like an excuse for being stupid," she said playfully. "Why did you want to see me at this time of night, anyway? Are you aware that it's past one in the morning?"

"One? Are you serious?" James rubbed his eyes, and glanced at his wrist watch. "Ah, well. You can't get enough of me, Lils. I'm sure you wouldn't mind if it was 4am." He gave her a puppy-eyed glance.

She rolled her eyes. "Yes, well, you succeded in waking up not only myself, but my whole dorm as well," she informed him. "I don't know if that's what you were going for or not, but if it was then I congratulate you. Not much can break Marianne out of her snoring," she said with a smirk.

"Ouch, catty. Poor Marianne." Walking closer to her, he wraps his arm around her waist. "Although, we've got a private moment now. It would be a shame to waste it." A smirk also spread onto James' face.

"Not catty," Lily said innocently, although nothing could betray the gleam in her eye, "Just truthful." She fell into his embrace and snaked her arms around his neck, staying there for a while and enjoying the moment. "A shame is right. So let's not waste it."

"I knew you were a wild one at heart, Evans." He grinned at her, breaking away from their embrace and entwining their fingers, pulling her gently over to a comfortable seating place, which happened to be a rather soft, spongy sofa.

Lily shrugged as she sat down next to him. "I'm not natually wild," she said, sticking her tongue out at him playfully. "You're just too infectious for your own good." With a sigh, she leaned her head against James' shoulder and closed her eyes for a moment.

"You're so cute at 1am. I should wake you up more often." James murmured in her ear, feeling very relieved about the quietness and stillness that was not an often occurance in the common room.

Lily blushed a bit at that, thanking Merlin that it was unnoticable in the darkness of the common room. With the fires out, it was nearly pitch black--there was only the moonlight to go by. "Yes, well, if you do that then I'll not be so cute in the morning, trust me."
whomp my willow: James laughed softly, pulling her closer to him. Pressing his lips lightly to the side of her cheek, he whispered,"This quiet time is so...unusual."

When she felt his lips linger on her cheek, Lily moved her head slightly so as to catch them with her own for a brief moment. "I know," she whispered against his. "It feels strange, almost."

"Definately nice, though..." He trailed of, distracted by their lips meeting. Kissing her a little more firmly, passionately, his hand moves up to stroke her cheek.

Lily affirmed his statement, right before she fell into his kiss. Bringing an arm around his neck, she deepened it a bit, enjoying every second of this peace, quiet, and of having him there with her.

A small smile curved on his lips as he remembered it was 1am. Had someone told him he'd be doing this two months ago, he would of fallen off his broom. Pulling her gently onto his lap, his other hand strokes lightly across her arm.

Lily wondered briefly what would happen to them if they got caught like this by a teacher, or even a student. But then it struck her...for the first time, she actually didn't care... 'That confirms it,' she thought. 'You've definately had a bad effect on me, James'.

James, having a similiar thought, broke briefly from their kiss to tell her. "You're a bad influence, Lily Evans." One hand moves up and ruffles the back of his hair.

"What!?" she exclaimed in a whisper, minding those upstairs. "How can you say that? You're the one who's a bad influence on me!" Lily sat back a little, giving him a disbelieving look.

James gave her a look of horror. "I would never!" Cracking a grin and a small chuckle, he wraps his arms around her waist.

Lily raised an eyebrow. "Yeah, never, oh he-with-the-record-for-most-detentions." She laughed a bit and settled into his embrace, breathing in his scent and coming to find that she loved every second of it.

James grinned. A title he was quite proud of, actually. Sneaking a glance up to the boys dorms, he whispered in her ear,"We could always go back up to my dorm..."

Lily blushed a deep crimson at his suggestion, this time sure that it could be seen through the darkness. "Ah.. um..." she hesitated. "Are...are you sure that's entirely proper, James?"

James raised an eyebrow, and pondered this for a moment. "Uh, well...I guess it isn't, is it?" He gave her a charming grin.

Lily laughed a bit nervously. "What about Sirius, Remus, and Peter? I'm sure they don't want to be woken up by our talking, do they?" She wondered briefly if he was even assessing the full calibur and connotation of what he had just asked her.

James almost asked 'talking?' but bit his tongue, shrugging. "I swear, they could sleep through the Apocolypse."

She couldn't help but giggle at that. "I guess... you're right. Alright," Lily agreed a little hesitantly. "But I swear, if we're caught or Sirius or one of them wakes up and gives us hell for being there, you're going to get it."

James grinned. "It's okay, they won't. I'll handle it if they do." Catching her hand with his own, he stands and leads her up into the boy's wing.

Lily couldn't help but wonder if he could hear her heart pounding--as loud as it was, she wondered if the whole Gryffindor Tower couldn't. She'd been to the boy's dorms before to fetch a borrowed book or deliver some study notes, but never to actually see one of them.

Pushing the door open quietly, they slip inside and James shuts the door behind him. The state of the room could be described as a bombsite, mostly in James' and Sirius' corners. He grinned sheepishly, and nodded to his vacant bed, creeping over the rubbish on the ground.

Lily looked a bit shocked at the way he kept the dorms. "Don't you two clean?" she asked in a whisper, being careful to avoid all the mess on the floor on her way to the bed. In the midst of it, she had momentarily forgotten that she was going to his bed at all.

"Cleaning? What's that?" James asked in a soft, cheerful tone. Lily Evans was in his dorm. Unbelievable. They reached his bed, and he flopped down onto it.

Lily climbed carefully onto the comfy four-poster, trying to hide her hesitation. When she was finally there, she took a deep breath and opened her eyes. She was actually on James Potter's bed. That wasn't anywhere she had ever dreamed or thought of being.

Drawing the curtains, he grinned at her, talking a bit more in his normal voice now. "They won't hear us now. These curtains are as thick as a wall, I swear." Although, just to be safe, James reached for his wand and flicked it casually, casting a silencing spell."

"Well, that's at least reassuring," she said, slowly becoming more comfortable with bringing her voice back to normal level. Scooting over beside him, she leaned back against the pillows and rested her head on his shoulder.

Lying down next to her, he wraps an arm around her. As he gazed at the ceiling, he said,"Never in a million years thought we'd be here."

She laughed. "Yeah, well, for me it was more like never in a trillion years... but we're here, aren't we?" she asked rhetorically.

"And I wouldn't want to be anywhere else." He murmured in her ear, pressing light kisses along her jawline.

Lily didn't know what it was about him, but from the second he kissed her, he seemed to be able to make all her inhibitions just go away. "I know exactly what you mean," she murmured back.

James continued his soft kisses, working along her collar bone. "You know.." he said in between kisses,"You're looking mighty fine in those pyjamas."

She smirked. "Well, that's a new one," she said, glancing down to remember what exactly she was wearing. Lily ran her hands gently through his messy black locks as he kissed and put her head back a little, closing her eyes. Swirling his tongue delicately at her collarbone, James' hands gently touch the top button of her pyjama top, as if to ask permission.

Lily blushed at what he was asking, but knew she should have expected it...she -did- expect it. It was just different, when it actually happened. She nodded her head, albeit a bit sheepishly. What could she say? She was new to this whole thing.

Working slowly and carefully, James unbuttoned each of the shirt buttons. Pausing for a second, he slowly pushed the fabric to the sides, and trailed his kisses lower.

She allowed a little moan to escape her lips as she felt his hot tongue on cool skin and entangled her hands a little further in his hair, but didn't pull. "James... what... what are you doing?" she asked, though her voice sounded a bit drunk in pleasure. "One...week..."

He pulled away quickly, although his lips lingered above her skin. "I can stop." He whispered, not really wanting to but not wanting to press the issue.

"No, don't," she found herself saying a bit too quickly. "I... it's just... nevermind. I just wondered, do you move this fast all the time?" She didn't mind so much as she was curious.

James considered this for a moment. "Only when I'm in love." Was his reply with a light shrug, feeling a little embarrassed. He wasn't about to admit that in previous cases things had progressed quite fast. Faster than this, even. Much faster.

She smirked. "Love? After a week? I must be talented," she teased him. "But... really, don't stop. It, ah..." she didn't quite know how to say it, "it felt good," she finally chose with a blush.

James smiled at her rosy cheeks, and went back to his prior task. His lips danced across her cool smooth flesh, and James shivered. Moving further down, his mouth grazed lightly over her left breast.

Lily shuddered at the sensation the contact spread through her body and closed her eyes, relaxing by the second. It wasn't as bad as she'd always imagined, but she felt that the company had something to do with her current perception of this sort of intimacy.

Now focusing on her stomach area, he teased her skin and held her hips gently in his hands. Glancing up at her, he paused, not knowing where to go next.

Lily blinked and gave a small sound of protest as he stopped. "What's the matter?" she asked, opening her eyes to look at him.

James caught her eye, and frowned. "I...don't want to push any boundaries..." He said simply, still hesitant.

Lily sat up a bit, keeping eye contact with him the whole time. "I don't know...maybe, maybe we should wait a little while for this?" she asked, unsure of how she sounded. "It's not that I don't want to, but...I don't think we're ready quite yet." Looking down, she sighed. "I'm sorry if I sound like a prude or whatnot, but...as much as I enjoy it, I don't think I could deal with it yet."

James straightened up to, and nodded. In a way, you could tell he was slightly relieved. "I'm glad you're so honest with me, Lils. You're one of a kind." He gave her lips a light kiss.

Lily mentally sighed in relief. She had been afraid that he would be disappointed, annoyed, even angry with her, but it seemed to have turned out much better than she expected. "Thank you," she said softly, pulling on her shirt again and carefully buttoning it up. "The same can be said about you... But, are you sure you aren't mad, even a little?" She had to make sure.

"Mad?" James leaned back on his pillows, looking relaxed and laid-back. "Are you crazy? I'd be a fool to let my groin do more thinking than it already does." He grinned, tryign to lighten the mood.

She could do nothing but smile at that, and gave him a quick kiss. "Then you passed girl's test number one," she said. "I'm glad. Now I can keep you," she told him with a wink.

James rolled his eyes at her. "Oh, goodie." He laughed.

"Merlin, I'm tired," she said, right before yawning. Lily leaned against James. "You know, late night visits like this are going to have stop when we have jobs and have to get up in the mornings."

James wrapped his arm around her, shutting his eyes. "Gosh, who's going to want to hire me? Can you imagine me working? Ha!"

"No, now that you mention it, I can't," she said, half-serious, half-joking. "You're going to have to really strain your lazy self to get through Auror training.."
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